Best E-bikes For Heavier Riders

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For heavier riders, finding the best e-bike that can accommodate a larger body size may be a challenge, as many e-bikes on the market have relatively low weight capacities. In this list of the Best Electric Bikes for Heavier Riders, we share our picks from reputable brands, each of which are built to handle a larger amount of body weight.

As part of the design process, every e-bike is engineered to carry a specific maximum weight limit, but this number is not always clearly stated by the manufacturer. It can get even more confusing for prospective buyers when different terms are used, either separately or in conjunction – such as maximum rider weight and total payload capacity. Each of these figures is useful, but only when they are understood in context.

Maximum rider weight is relatively straightforward – this is the amount of weight that the saddle and seatpost can safely carry, and it includes not only body weight, but any additional load such as a backpack. Total payload capacity refers to the maximum amount of weight an e-bike can accommodate – this includes maximum rider weight, but also accounts for the capacity of any included or optional cargo racks. These, too, have their own weight limits which may be stamped on their structural members or listed on the brand’s webpage.

According to the Center for Disease Control, the average weight for US males is approximately 200 lbs, while the average for females is about 170 lbs. Most e-bikes can accommodate these averages, but as rider weight increases and any additional cargo is added, the pool of capable models decreases significantly. For this list of the best electric bikes for heavier riders, the reviewers at Electric Bike Report selected options with maximum rider weights and/or total payload capacities over 250 lbs – and often much higher.

Our picks for the Best Electric Bikes for Heavier Riders of 2023

Aventon Aventure 2 Ebike ReviewAventon Aventure 2 Ebike Review

With a stout, heavy frame and aggressive styling to match, the Aventon Aventure.2 is built for riders of all shapes and sizes. Including the 55-lb maximum capacity of its included rear cargo rack, the total payload capacity of the bike is a whopping 400 lbs. With two frame sizes, it can accommodate riders between 5’-3” and 6’-4”.

This is an e-bike that has remained at or near the top of many of our best lists for good reason. Its 750W rear-hub motor packs a punch for carrying weight and powering uphill. In conjunction with a torque sensor, this provides a natural-feeling ride that can adapt to the rider’s level of effort. This combination – along with the comfort of the saddle and suspension fork – allows the bike to travel both on- and off-road comfortably, making it an excellent option for riding to work or exploring the backcountry.

We think larger riders will appreciate the stability granted by the bike’s puncture-resistant 26” x 4” Innova tires. These include knobby off-road tread with aggressive texture for gripping loose terrain, and offer a wide platform to keep the rider balanced when turning and braking. And speaking of brakes, the Aventure.2 includes Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with excellent stopping power.

The range of all e-bikes decreases as weight increases, so a large battery capacity is also a desirable feature. The Aventure.2’s high-capacity 48V, 720 Wh battery holds enough charge for moving larger riders across long distances. There’s also a throttle included for those who want a relaxed, effortless ride. All in all, the Aventure.2 gets two thumbs up from us!

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  • The motor meets riders where they want to pedal – aggressive OR relaxed – thanks to the torque sensor.
  • Responsive pedal-assistance for riding off-road or traveling uphill.
  • The 750W rear-hub motor strikes a good balance of power and speed.
  • Great stability even when traveling at high speed or on loose terrain.
  • Functional as a daily commuter or a weekend adventure bike.
  • We had no problems, but the Shimano Altus drivetrain is a lower-tier than what came on the original Aventure.

Mokwheel Basalt Electric BikeMokwheel Basalt Electric Bike

Another off-road-capable fat tire e-bike, the Mokwheel Basalt is a great option for larger riders with a wilder side. It features a total payload capacity of up to 400 lbs, including the rider and any weight on the included cargo rack, and is intended for riders between 5’-8” and 6’-4”.

The Basalt includes many features common to fat tire e-bikes, including a 750W workhorse of a rear-hub motor, a torque sensor for responsive pedal assistance, chunky 26”x4” off-road tires, and a front suspension fork with 110mm of travel, but Mokwheel raised the bar in a few other key areas. First, in battery capacity; the Basalt comes with a massive 48V, 941 Wh battery with enough juice to keep big and tall riders moving for an impressive distance. Second, in terms of handling; the bike uses wide 720mm handlebars that provide excellent control for navigating tricky terrain.

Mokwheel’s accessories are truly what separate the Basalt from its brethren. As a “Power Station E-Bike,” it can be paired with an optional power inverter to charge/power devices using the bike’s battery. In conjunction with optional solar panels – yes, you read that right! – the Basalt offers limitless range for adventuring and bottomless juice for keeping you and your devices on the go.

We think the Basalt is an incredibly functional and fun bike made all the more useful with its unique accessories. Heavier riders searching for an e-bike that encourages outdoor activity are likely to love all that the bike offers, but those on the lookout for a trusty ride to work should be equally satisfied!

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  • Reliable uphill power and speed thanks to the bike’s robust 750W rear-hub motor.
  • Responsive motor assistance due to a torque sensor that allows the bike to adapt to the rider’s effort.
  • Keep the bike charged and power devices on the go using optional accessories like solar panels and a power inverter.
  • Impressive and practical range thanks to the 48V, 941 Wh battery.
  • We liked the included Tektro hydraulic disc brakes.
  • We’d like to see a cassette with a wider gearing range to reduce ghost pedaling at higher speeds.

Lectric XPedition Electric BikeLectric XPedition Electric Bike

With a maximum rider weight of 330 lbs., the Lectric XPedition boasts one of the most impressive weight capacities on this list of the best e-bikes for heavy riders. It’s also one of the most affordable cargo-hauling e-bikes on the market, with a price starting around $1,500!

The extended rear cargo rack allows riders to transport kids, groceries, and any other types of gear or goods wherever they need to go! With sturdy structural members, the rack’s capacity is an impressive 300 lbs, but heavier riders should keep in mind the overall total payload capacity of 450 lbs. which includes both the rider and any cargo.

The bike comes with a 48V, 672 Wh battery, but Lectric offers a dual-battery option with a total battery capacity of 1,344 watt-hours, allowing heavy riders to get even more out of a single charge. We measured a few miles less than the brand’s advertised range of up to 150 miles, but ours was an outstanding performance regardless – especially for the price. You’ll likely have a hard time finding another dual-battery option with such a high cargo capacity for less!

The XPedition also includes a 750W rear hub motor with enough power to move the fully-loaded bike and get up to a steady cruising speed. It can accommodate riders from 4’-11” to 6’-5”, making it appropriately specced for larger and heavier riders.

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  • Offers awesome value for its price around $1,500. The dual-battery option is still well below $2k!
  • It can haul up to a combined 450 lbs of rider, kids, and cargo!
  • Fits a broad range of riders between 4’-11” and 6’-5”.
  • We measured an outstanding range of up to 60 miles with a single battery or 120 miles with the dual battery option
  • It can start with a full load and climb hills effectively with a 750W rear hub motor and 85 Nm of torque.
  • We liked the cadence sensor’s tuning, but would still appreciate a torque sensor for more responsiveness.

Ride1UP Revv 1 Electric BikeRide1UP Revv 1 Electric Bike

For heavier riders who desire speed and comfort in an e-bike, the Ride1UP Revv 1 delivers. The bike sits relatively low to the ground, but its long seat allows it to accommodate riders between 5’-2” and 6’-4”. It has a total payload capacity of 350 lbs, which includes the rider and any cargo in the optional storage cage.

As a moped-style e-bike, riders can cruise using only its throttle or pedal casually with the cadence-sensor-activated pedal assist system. Moped-style e-bikes are usually somewhat awkward to pedal, but the Revv 1 was one of the best of its kind we’ve tried. We thoroughly enjoyed its comfortable ride and sturdy feel!

The bike uses a 750W rear-hub motor to propel its rider, and while it ships in Class 2 mode with speeds limited to 20 mph, it can be unlocked to Class 3 or Off-Road Mode for pedal assist up to 28 mph or fully unlimited speed, respectively. The Revv 1 felt like a beast in both of its faster settings, and the included lights and turn signals made it feel fit for the road.

Perhaps best of all, the Revv 1 offers trademark Ride1UP quality and affordability. There are two trim options available – both hardtail and full-suspension versions – each with prices under $2,500. The look, feel, and performance of the Revv 1 would make you think it was priced higher, like many similar moped-style e-bikes on the market.

In short, we love this bike, and we think it’s a great fit for riders on the heavier side of the spectrum!

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  • Rides comfortably and easily with a throttle, a single-speed drivetrain, and 750W motor with a cadence sensor.
  • Great price and value for the money! We think its performance would be tough to match for its price point.
  • It’s super fast, with Class 2 speeds out of the box that can be unlocked to Class 3 or unrestricted speeds in Off-Road mode.
  • Customization for your needs and budget with two trim options and optional accessories.
  • We think it looks as awesome as it feels!
  • Some unbranded parts like the brakes performed well in our testing, but we can’t speak to their longevity.

Electric Bike Company Model R

Electric Bike Company Model R Electric BikeElectric Bike Company Model R Electric Bike

While all Electric Bike Company e-bikes fit the bill for those with higher body weight, we specifically chose the “Rugged” Model R for this list of the Best E-Bikes for Heavier Riders. This specific model is a cruiser-style e-bike with a front suspension fork for a more forgiving ride, and a maximum weight capacity of up to 420 lbs. With cargo capacities of 40 lbs on both the included rear rack and optional front basket, that leaves up to 340 lbs for the rider!

As with the brand’s other models, the Model R is assembled and painted in the Electric Bike Company factory in Newport Beach, California. The company offers a massive selection of customization options for each bike, allowing riders to choose color options for nearly all of the bike’s components. Bikes are built to the customer’s specifications as well, with options for different batteries, saddles, seatposts (we highly recommend one of the suspension seatposts for added comfort), drivetrains, grips, and more.

In addition to being some of the best-looking e-bikes available, we’ve consistently found Electric Bike Company bikes to be some of the most comfortable. Even the base model of the Model R features the brand’s trademark extra-cushy saddle, an upright riding position, and swept-back, cruiser-style handlebars for a great-feeling casual riding experience.

In addition to knowing how to accommodate those with heavier builds, the brand also places a huge emphasis on quality. Electric Bike Company offers an unheard-of 10-year warranty on their motors, with 5 years on their batteries, and even a 30-day warranty on the paint. Each bike is assembled by a single technician, and new owners have the ability to speak with that person about any questions they may have.

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  • A unique hybrid cruiser/cargo design with weight capacities of 40 lbs on the rear rack and optional front basket.
  • Next-level customization options for colors, batteries, saddles/seatpost, and even torque or cadence sensors.
  • Impressively comfortable with great ergonomics, an accommodating saddle, and a suspension fork.
  • Offers a max weight capacity of 420 lbs, more than most other cruiser-style e-bikes on the market.
  • We’d like to see the option for off-road tires to match the Model R’s “rugged” name and comfort options.

Himiway Cobra Pro Electric BikeHimiway Cobra Pro Electric Bike

At first glance, the Himiway Cobra Pro may look like just another fat tire e-bike, but this beast is made for the most adventurous of larger riders! With a full suspension, massive 4.8” knobby tires, and a full 1,000W mid-drive motor, it’s meant for rugged off-road riding in just about any environment. Many fat tire e-bikes claim all-terrain capability, but the Cobra Pro is one of the few we’ve tested that actually has the brawn and grit to pull it off.

The Cobra Pro is a huge and burly e-bike that felt as though it was built like a tank. With a weight capacity of 400 lbs and a frame that fits users from 5’-5” to 6’-6”, there is no doubt that it’s capable of hauling heavier riders! The bike’s 1,000W motor has the strength to move larger people, power up the steepest of hills, tear through loose dirt, and ride fast up to 28 mph.

We were impressed by the bike’s speed, power, and potential range! Even with such a power-hungry motor, its gigantic 48V, 960 Wh battery allowed the Cobra Pro to manage over 60 miles of distance in our testing using its lowest PAS setting. We found that even in its low-power mode, the bike offered a practical level of pedal assistance for efficient riding.

While the bike’s hefty amount of power makes it suitable for off-road adventures, riders should be aware that it’s not likely to be street-legal in many places. But with a price tag of around $4,000, the Cobra Pro is competitively priced and offers plenty of bang for the buck. We highly recommend it for thrill seekers looking for a monster machine!

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  • The Cobra Pro’s 1kW motor with a torque sensor, beefy off-road tires, and full suspension give it the ability to handle dedicated off-roading.
  • The motor has plenty of power for conquering the most intimidating hills.
  • We measured fantastic range from the bike’s 48V, 960 Wh battery!
  • Many similar e-bikes with comparable specs come with notably higher price tags – the Cobra Pro has great value.
  • Its ride is largely customizable with two riding modes, an adjustable max speed, and a 10-speed drivetrain.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes are always nice to see, but we think larger rotors would help balance stopping ability with the motor’s power/speed.

Specialized Globe Haul ST

Specialized Globe Haul ST Electric BikeSpecialized Globe Haul ST Electric Bike

With an oddly-specific yet highly impressive weight capacity of 419 lbs, the Specialized Globe Haul ST is a utility e-bike with plenty of cargo capacity. In this case, ST means “short tail,” but the brand also has a long tail version in the works with an even higher 441 lb. payload capacity. The Globe Haul offers an impressive range of adjustment and rider accommodation; Specialized advertises the bike for those between 4’-5” and 6’-4,” but our tallest rider (6’-5”) still felt quite comfortable.

We were highly impressed by the Globe Haul ST’s 700W rear-hub motor, which is a first for Specialized. Its torque sensor took some getting used to, but once we settled into its rhythm, we found it to be highly responsive in adapting to our riding styles. It delivered quickly on speed with aggressive pedaling, but just as easily backed down for more relaxed riding. It also felt more powerful than its numbers suggested, and gave us one of the best performances we’ve seen on our Hill Test!

In fact, this was one of the best performing e-bikes we’ve tested, period; it quickly became a personal favorite of many of our testers. The Globe Haul ST is priced a bit higher than many other similar utility e-bikes out there, but we feel it is justified. The bike delivered elevated performance and included higher quality components than many of its competitors, proving that its value is well-earned.

With its huge payload capacity, a ton of compatible accessories thanks to the MIK rack and pack mounts, and such a wide range of rider height accommodation, we think the Globe Haul ST is a great fit for heavier riders who might want a lot of flexibility with their e-bike.

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  • A fun ride thanks to the 700W rear hub motor that can deliver speed responsively
  • Excellent hill-climbing ability
  • Fits a huge range of riders between 4’-5” and 6’-4” very comfortably!
  • Handles responsively and rides comfortably due to its 20”x3.5” tires
  • Great value; its price might be higher than some similar bikes, but it’s justified with great performance and quality components.
  • The 88-lb rear rack capacity was impressive, but the saddle angle can reduce the usable cargo space.

Evelo Omega Electric Bike ReviewEvelo Omega Electric Bike Review

The Evelo Omega is a hybrid fat-tire/cruiser-style e-bike offering a huge comfort factor and a relaxed riding experience. With its Enviolo continuously variable transmission (CVT) and Automatiq shifting system, the bike automatically adjusts the resistance of its drivetrain to provide easier pedaling on hills or faster speed when traveling on flat ground. We compare this to going from a car with a standard transmission to an automatic transmission – it’s that easy!

The Omega fits a broad range of riders between 5’-4” and 6’-2” due to its adjustable stem and long seatpost. Its step-thru frame design makes mounting and dismounting easy and comfortable, with no need to swing a leg over the saddle. Additionally, the bike can accommodate riders up to 350lbs comfortably, but heavier riders can still use the bike with some modifications – they’ll just need to contact Evelo for assistance.

With the Enviolo CVT, the bike also uses a Gates Carbon belt drive for ease of use. This belt is quieter than a chain and longer-lasting – the manufacturer claims you’d go through at least two chains before needing to replace it. The system is low-maintenance for other reasons as well; with a sealed transmission, there’s less cleaning and replacement of parts, and the belt requires no lubrication, so there’s also a lot less mess!

We thoroughly enjoyed the Omega’s comfortable ride, its effortless operation, and the power delivered by its 750W mid-drive motor. The bike ships as a Class 2 limited to 20 mph, but can be unlocked to 25 mph for riders who want extra speed when pedaling. We think this is an awesome and fun e-bike for those seeking a relaxed, casual riding experience.

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  • An easy riding experience with effortless shifting thanks to the Enviolo CVT and Automatiq system.
  • Great for those with less experience or physical limitations with the step-thru frame and automatic shifting
  • We liked the power of the 750W Dapu Mid-drive motor
  • The Gates belt drive is clean, quiet, and super low-maintenance.
  • Solid range with the 48V, 15Ah battery, plus there’s a dual-battery option for even longer rides!
  • There’s a learning curve to the Automatiq shifting system, though it’s great once you’re in the groove.

Rad Power Bikes RadTrike Electric BikeRad Power Bikes RadTrike Electric Bike

For those who want or need the added stability of three wheels, the Rad Power Bikes RadTrike offers accessibility, cargo-hauling capability, and a comfortable ride. There are a host of electric trike options on the market, but few are from reputable brands with as much experience as Rad – and with a starting price of around $2,500, the RadTrike offers great value and quality at an affordable level.

The RadTrike can carry riders up to 325 lbs, and can handle an additional 90 lbs of cargo between its rear rack and optional front rack. It’s also incredibly accommodating with its step-thru design, low standover height of just 13.4”. The adjustability of its seatpost and handlebars allows it to fit riders between 4’-10” and 6’-4”.

All tricycles have a learning curve when it comes to their handling; they’re stable when stopped, but they require slower turning to avoid tipping up on two wheels. Rad circumvented (or at least moderated) these potential issues by keeping the rear wheels as wide as possible while still allowing the trike to fit through a door; they also kept the center of gravity low and capped the maximum speed at 14 mph to promote safety and stability.

With its 750W front-hub motor and 480 Wh battery, we measured impressive hill-climbing ability and effective range in our testing. Additional features like a reverse throttle, rear coaster brakes, and a range of optional accessories (baskets, bags, and more), we found this e-mobility solution to be highly effective and comfortable!

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  • Straightforward affordability with a price point of about $2,500 – quality e-trikes from reputable brands are often much more expensive!
  • A huge focus on safety and accessibility with a 14 mph speed limit, wide rear wheels, low center of gravity, and low standover height.
  • A comfortable ride, with its adjustable saddle & backrest, high-rise handlebars, and soft grips.
  • Great range and hill climbing ability with the 750W motor and 480 Wh battery.
  • A phone mount and an app can do the job, but we’d like to have seen a speedometer included on the display.

How We Picked the Best Electric Bikes for Heavier Riders

Weight capacity was our primary focus when assembling this curated list of the best electric bikes, but many other factors were involved. Some degree of our reviewers’ personal preferences undoubtedly affected these selections, but our goal was to remain as objective and removed as possible.

After thoroughly testing each of these e-bikes and collecting data on their speed, braking, hill-climbing ability, and range potential, the results speak for themselves. These are the best of the best for their exceptionality in the following categories:

  • Weight Capacity: As stated above, our starting point was 250 lbs of maximum payload capacity, but we tried to go as high as possible while still taking the following other factors into account.
  • Value: A low price isn’t everything, but we want to suggest the e-bikes that provide the best bang for your buck. There may be more affordable e-bikes out there, but those on this list provide great value and performance in comparison to their price.
  • Comfort: We know that a larger body size requires additional accommodation in order to be comfortable. The bikes on this list have frames that can handle a lot of weight, comfortable riding positions, and larger saddles with thick padding.
  • Variety: Everyone has their own preference when it comes to style and function. As such, we did our best to assemble a diverse list of e-bikes with distinct and different appearances, and which suit the needs of all types of riders.
  • Performance: When it comes to our series of standardized tests, each of these e-bikes performed well across the board. No e-bike is perfect, and we offer our honest critique on each one we review, but every model on this list earned its place through hard data.

Bottom Line: Choose an E-Bike That Fits Your Needs and Style

Whether you’re looking to haul cargo, tear through rough terrain, cruise around town with the kids on the weekends – or all three, your e-bike needs will change significantly. Our advice is to consider how you plan to use your e-bike and choose an appropriate style.

But looks should play a role, too! Pick something that you find exciting, as it will keep you riding more regularly. There’s a lot to consider when making a purchase – just make sure to avoid these mistakes when buying an e-bike!

If you’re a heavier rider, be sure to pay attention to the manufacturer’s listed weight capacities, and check out our catalog of e-bike reviews to make sure those figures line up with our experiences. We work tirelessly to provide informative and objective e-bike reviews to help you find a model that fits your needs and budget.

Our buyer’s guide is another great resource to steer you in the right direction if you’re new to the world of e-bikes. Best of luck, and happy riding!

Have a bike that you think would be a good contender for our best page? Let us know in the comment section below. At the very least, we always want to know what our readers are riding.

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