Best Electric Bikes 2023 | Each One Tested & Reviewed

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There’s never been more options to choose from in the world of e-bikes, but which are the best electric bikes of 2023?

Our team at Electric Bike Report put our heads together and chose 16 e-bikes we’ve deemed the Best Electric Bikes of 2023. Some of these e-bikes are new for this year, but some are ol’ reliables that are tried, tested and still hold true as the best in their class.

As with every list of best e-bikes, ours has some nuance as to why a specific bike was picked — ranging from value and componentry to overall ride feel. We’ve also leaned heavily on e-bikes we’ve tested in-house, though there are a few e-bikes here that were picked based on merit and reputation alone.

Whether you’re looking for the best e-bike for older riders, the best electric commuter bike or the best electric beach cruiser, this list will point you towards what we think are the best in each category.

Our picks for the Best Electric Bikes of 2023

How we picked the best electric bikes

In a fast-growing sea of products, how did we make our picks for the best e-bikes? The answer to this question varies depending on the bike and category. But in every case, these e-bikes were picked through consensus among our team of expert e-bike testers.

Some bikes, such as the Aventon Aventure 2 electric fat bike, leapt out as obvious frontrunners during testing. While others, like the Blix Aveny Skyline and Ride1UP 700 Series, were sleeper contenders chosen for very specific reasons. But in all cases, we evaluated the bikes based on a few key criteria, mainly:

  • Value: How much e-bike are you getting for your dollar? The e-bike market has grown flush with overpriced and under-spec’d electric bikes that don’t offer much value. Every bike on this list we’d call fairly priced.
  • Components and extras: What else comes with the e-bike? Does it come with racks, bags, lights and fenders, and do those accessories make sense? Is there anything else that should be included but isn’t?
  • Does it offer something unique?: In a market chock-full of options, what’s unique about this bike that sets it apart from the competition? There are many categories of e-bike — particularly at the more affordable end of the spectrum — that are flush with copycat brands and e-bikes that just aren’t that special. We’re looking for the ones that are.
  • What does the manufacturer say it was built for?: What was this bike designed to do, and how well does it execute that purpose? Of course you can choose to use your bike however you’d like, but we want to make sure the e-bikes on this list function as advertised.
  • How does it actually ride?: Last but not least, the most important question: Does the e-bike ride well? Most of these e-bikes we know intimately through rigorous testing.

Aventon Aventure 2

The Best Fat Tire Electric Bike, 2023

Aventon Aventure Best Electric BikesAventon Aventure Best Electric Bikes

One of our favorite e-bikes since 2021, the recently-updated Aventon Aventure.2 electric fat bike is truly something to write home about.

It has all the typical accouterments you’d expect from a sub-$2,000 electric fat bike: A 750W motor, a suspension fork and a solid component package — but where the Aventure.2 sets itself apart are in its little details. Details like its full-color LCD display, metal fenders, hydraulic disk brakes and integrated tail lights that function as turn signals. Or the fact that this is one of the few e-bikes in this category and at this price point with a fully integrated battery that blends seamlessly into the frame, and sports a torque sensor for more responsive motor engagement.

All these small things add up into an e-bike that feels much more expensive than it is. It rides stable and inspires confidence in rougher terrain, and did we mention it’s really quick? Electric Bike Report has reviewed both the standard Aventure.2 and the Aventure.2 Step-Through and both put up some of the quickest times we’ve recorded on our test hill.

The Aventure series has retained the top billing on our list of the best electric bikes for over two years, and it’s continued to be one of our go-to e-bikes on filming days for hauling all gear and camera equipment. Its overall performance and utility has so far stood the test of time.

Aventon may not have reinvented the affordable electric fat bike, but they sure did raise the bar for what we expect from any sub-$2,000 e-bike.

This bike can be anything you need it to be, whether that’s your daily commuter, weekend plaything, or leisure ride. Its mix of versatility and downright fun have kept it among the highest ranks of our choices for the best electric bikes of 2023.

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  • This is a surprisingly quick e-bike. The motor is powerful and smooth and likely to be a hit with new and experiend riders alike.
  • The full-color LCD display features big numbers and a very helpful battery life indicator that gives the percentage of charge the battery has.
  • Improved battery range on the newest model thanks to the efficiency / more responsive torque sensor that engages motor power as needed
  • Metal fenders don’t wiggle as much as plastic ones and they have a quality look to them
  • This is a distinctive e-bike with a stylish look and does a great job of integrating the battery
  • The Aventure 2 improved over the Aventure 1 in small and large ways, but the Shimano Altus it now uses is technically a downgrade from the previously equipped Shimano Acera (although we saw no performance issues in our 160+ miles of testing).

Runner Up Best Electric Fat Bike

Rad Power Bikes RadRover 6 Plus - Best Electric Bikes 2023Rad Power Bikes RadRover 6 Plus - Best Electric Bikes 2023

The Rad Power Bikes RadRover 6 Plus

One of the most confidence inspiring affordable e-bikes on the market, with good power, good componentry and the backing of one of the most reputable e-bike brands.

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Lectric XP 3.0

Best Folding Electric Bike, 2023

Lectric XP 3.0 Electric Folding Bike Review  - Best Electric Bikes 2023Lectric XP 3.0 Electric Folding Bike Review  - Best Electric Bikes 2023

It may not be the fanciest or highest-specced folding electric bike on the market, but by golly, it’s hard to deny the popularity and value of the Lectric XP 3.0.

The Electric Bike Report staff is always watching for e-bike sightings out in the wild. We like to know what people are riding and why – and the Lectric XP series is arguably our most frequent sighting. It’s popular for very good reasons: Not only is it remarkably cheap (in terms of price, not feel) at just about $1,000, it’s actually a terrifically fun e-bike!

This is Lectric’s third iteration of their XP folding fat tire e-bike which was released in 2022, but it’s had upgrades in 2023. The bike comes with a 500W motor, a suspension fork, and a 48V, 10.4Ah battery that has a pretty decent range (for its size). Toss in recent additions like a rack that can support 150 lbs (and a buddy, with the right accessory package), revamped contact points that are softer and more comfortable, and most recently, hydraulic disk brakes on 180mm rotors.

That spec sheet on its own is quite value packed at this price, but we’re not recognizing this bike for its components — we like it for its ride. The XP 3.0 is a solid-feeling folding bike that reminds me of those old Honda three-wheelers popular back in the late 80’s. It’s not super fast or overly nimble, but it romps around like no other and feels like it won’t let you down.

The Lectric XP 3.0 stole our hearts for its sheer affordability and fun factor. To be clear: There are more premium folding bikes that cater to different needs, but this one seems like the people’s champion for affordable folding e-bikes. Of all the e-bikes listed on this best electric bikes list, there may not be a more affordable and versatile one of the bunch.

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  • It’s hard to find as full-featured an e-bike at such an affordable price
  • The XP 3.0 has a terrific motor that provides spirited acceleration and a very fun ride
  • As folding bikes go, this shrinks to a very manageable package, making it easy to stow away once folded
  • Having such a large LCD screen makes it easy to read and serves up all the helpful ride data
  • Not only is this an affordable e-bike, it includes a number of features we think of as premium, like front suspension, rack, fenders and lights
  • The 3-in. tires are knobby and give the XP 3.0 the ability to take in some off-road riding
  • Moving a 60-lb. e-bike isn’t easy, even when folded; we suggest removing the battery before picking it up
  • We wish the key didn’t have to remain in the bike to operate it since it’s under the frame and easy to forget

Electric Bike Company Model S

The Best Electric Bike for Women, 2023

Electric Bike Company Model S Electric Bike Company Model S

We get tons of emails from women asking for help in picking an e-bike. So we wanted to make sure to add our choice for the best e-bike for women to our best overall list. In truth, most options on this page are worth looking at so long as you can find a bike that fits your size, but we chose the Electric Bike Company Model S based on feedback from women on what criteria they value highly when shopping for e-bikes.

Beyond the basics that all people hope for (quality, dependability, etc.), there was more noticeable emphasis placed on bikes that (A) handle well for their height; (B) include ride-softening features; (C) offer plenty of accessory options; (D) don’t scream “this bike was designed for/by a dude,” which was our favorite response; and (E) perhaps most importantly, one that delivers a ‘wow’ feeling ride after ride. Nobody wants buyer’s remorse!

The Model S is an e-bike that delivers on all those factors.

The classic-looking beach cruiser is complimented nicely by a fun 500W motor that makes for effortless riding either on the boardwalk or through town. It can be upgraded to include a suspension fork and seatpost to push EBC’s already-famously-soft and comfortable saddle into even more cushy territory.

Depending on what works best for the rider’s height, 26” or 24” wheels can be specified for desired handling, and options such a single-speed or 7-speed drivetrain or thumb/twist throttle are offered to change how the bike rides.

But the customization offered by the Electric Bike Company is unique thanks to the fact they paint the frames in-house and can color match to specific custom hues. They even have their own woodworking shop for custom wooden fenders and chain guards that’ll give you a unique-looking ride to keep that ‘wow’ factor alive indefinitely.

If those attributes are the type of thing that matters to you as well, the Model S might be the best electric bike for you!

  • Limitless paint customization. Paint the frame, baskets, fenders, forks and more to your liking.
  • Rides how you want. Options on tire size, type of grip, drivetrain, extra comfort features and more are up to you.
  • Great performance from the motor and battery. The range is variable too. Pick from the standard 12Ah battery, or up to a total 36Ah dual battery setup.
  • The rear rack is MIK compatible meaning you can equip it with several accessories from bags, to pet baskets.
  • One of the best warranties in the whole e-bike industry. 10-year for the motor and frame, 5-year for the battery.
  • Upgraded tech package makes this a car replacement. Better lights, turn signals, horn, alarm, brakes, GPS tracking and more.
  • The more you customize the higher the price tag gets. The quality is great, but some people will be priced out.

Ride1UP 700 Series

The Best Budget Class 3 Commuter, 2023

Ride1up 700 Series  - Best Electric Bikes 2023Ride1up 700 Series  - Best Electric Bikes 2023

So Class 2 speeds aren’t your thing? Well, say hello to a top-notch Class 3 commuter that will keep pace with traffic without breaking the bank.

Ride1UP’s 700 series found its way to our best electric bikes list because we’re still scratching our heads how they packed this much value into an electric commuter bike.

Notice some of the names and numbers that jumped off the spec sheet to us: a 720Wh Samsung battery, 750W motor with 60 nm of torque, Tektro dual-piston hydraulic brakes, 100mm travel suspension fork, Schwalbe SUPER MOTO X 27.5×2.4” tires, and an 8-speed Shimano Acera drivetrain.

On top of that, they toss in all the typical trappings one hopes to find on a commuter with integrated lights, fenders, and a sturdy rear rack for your panniers.

The real kicker though? It feels like a bit of a steal considering that most affordable full-package commuters cost $200-300 more. The value here is off the charts – as is the fun factor!

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  • This is a pretty speedy e-bike but never feels overly powerful
  • The balloon tires have a great feel and roll easily
  • The 720Wh battery offers enough range for multiple days of commuting without a rush to charge
  • The 100mm suspension fork is more than many commuters offer making it a chushier ride
  • It has a little more assembly than some other DTC e-bikes, but the instructions are pretty detailed and easy to follow

Aventon Pace 500.3 ST

The Best Electric Bike for Seniors

Aventon Pace 500.3 ST - The Best Electric Bike for SeniorsAventon Pace 500.3 ST - The Best Electric Bike for Seniors

Seniors often have different priorities than younger folks when shopping for an e-bike. The most desirable elements according to community feedback are (A) a step-thru frame with low standover to make getting on and off the e-bike easy; (B) an upright seated position that is easy on an old neck; and (C), calm handling for reflexes that aren’t quite as quick as they used to be. Of course, it never hurts to find all this in an affordable package, which is why we named the Aventon Pace 500.3 in its step-thru design as our favorite e-bike for seniors.

Among the many things we appreciate about the Aventon Pace 500.3 ST is the fact that this e-bike weighs less than many comparable models. Suspension forks, big tires, racks, baskets and fenders all add weight to a bike; at 52 lbs., the Aventon Pace 500.3 ST is an e-bike that’s easy to manage.

Its 500W brushless hub motor is surprisingly powerful and does a great job of delivering a rider up to 20 mph either by pedal assist or throttle. It can also be “unlocked” in the Aventon smartphone app to achieve Class 3 performance, which is something its 8-speed Shimano drivetrain can handle.

The Aventon Pace 500.3 comes in two different frame designs (both a traditional frame and the step-thru we selected here) and both versions are available in two sizes. For seniors who have lost flexibility, finding a bike that is comfortable is important; with four choices, finding a comfortable size and style is much easier. The bike’s adjustable stem is a great touch for dialing in the reach.

We know range is also a key deciding factor when it comes to shopping. The Aventon Pace 500.3 ST exceeded its advertised range admirably; Aventon claims a range of roughly 30-60 mi., but in our test we achieved 68 mi. in PAS 1 and 35 mi. in PAS 5. That’s quite a lot of distance on a single charge!

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  • The updates to the Pace 500.3 ST, like the reduced weight, torque sensor and integrated taillights (which function as turn signals), make a great e-bike even better.
  • The battery is crazy efficient delivering up to 68 miles in our testing.
  • The color display and accompanying app make for a rich experience
  • Name-brand components from Shimano and Tektro reinforce the quality presentation
  • The rider position is very comfortable, combining the upright position of a cruiser and the easy pedaling of a commuter
  • At 52 lbs. it is relatively light for an e-bike, and works on most any hitch rack
  • Bigger riders may find the short reach to the handlebar to feel a bit cramped; although it can be adjusted

Aventon Level.2

The Best Commuter E-Bike, 2023

Aventon Level.2 - The Best Commuter E-BikeAventon Level.2 - The Best Commuter E-Bike

Sleek design can help a bike stand out, but to be one of the best electric bikes you need style and substance. That’s especially true for commuter e-bikes that’ll be your daily workhorse for getting to the office and back. The Aventon Level.2 blends aesthetically-pleasing looks, with a smooth ride, and features that’ll enhance your safety when riding out on the roads.

Let’s take all of that point by point: the Level lets you pick from either a classic or step-through frame. Either can be had in one of two sizes, and there are 4 colors to pick from that all fit the description of ‘dazzling.’ and no matter which you pick you get an elegant frame design with minimal welds showing and a discreet placement of the removable battery.

On the road, the Level provides a great experience. The 500W rear hub motor doles out speed effectively, and the ability to toggle class 2 or class 3 speeds from the Aventon app keeps control of your needed speed in your hands. The 672 Wh battery is highly efficient providing rides up to 60 miles without adding extra weight to the bike from a larger capacity battery.

Finally, most any commuter can boast a similar 8-speed gear range, 55 lbs rated rear rack, fenders, and suspension fork. But not all commuters go the extra mile by including brake lights – especially not those that also function as turn signals!

The Level.2 delivers a great ride with all you need for daily commuting, it gives you an advantage in terms of safety, and it has quality that exceeds its price – what’s not to love?

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  • Great control. Very nice handling, gear range, and a motor that is powerful and responsive..
  • It has all you need for commuting with a rack, fenders, suspension and even brake lights/turn signals for better visibility on the roads.
  • The motor/battery combo is more efficient than most giving you longer rides without any unnecessary extra weight. .
  • Multiple frame styles, sizes, and a 300 lbs payload capacity make the Level.2 a bike that’ll fit most comfortably. .
  • The throttle is a bit tame, so you’ll want to make sure to pedal to get the most out of the motor.

Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus

The Best Utility Electric Bike, 2023

Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus - Best Electric Bikes 2023Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus - Best Electric Bikes 2023

The Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus exists somewhere between a small cargo e-bike and a peppy commuter, and frankly, we’re in love with it.

Its moped-style seat, small wheels, built-in rear rack and semi-ridiculous BMX handlebars give the Runner Plus a quirky style that takes a little getting used to. But when you’re on the bike, it all just makes sense. It handles responsively despite its 74.3 lb heft, and its funky frame design is actually functional: Rad offers a myriad of accessory options that either attach to the rear pannier-style rack in addition to a big gas-tank-style box that fits between your legs.

The RadRunner Plus is powered by a 672Wh battery situated below the seat. This fuels the bike’s 750W rear hub motor which offers plenty of oomph for carrying people, cargo or just quickly getting around town. There’s also a twist throttle on the bike as well as a bench seat mounted to the rear rack and foldable foot pegs that make it pretty comfortable to take a friend.

It’s not just one of our favorite e-bikes, but it feels hands down like one of the year’s best electric bikes. We think the RadRunner Plus is a spectacular option for anyone looking for one bike that can do a little of everything. As a bonus, you can look at the RadRunner 2 for a more simplified and less expensive option, or the RadRunner 3 Plus for the latest bells and whistles!

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  • This is an unusually adaptable e-bike that can serve well for commuting, errand running or just cruising for fun
  • The number of accessories that can be used to customize the RadRunner is larger than we typically see
  • The 750W hub motor provides the power necessary to carry loads (including kids) and get around quickly as well as conquer hills
  • 20-in. wheels and a low-slung frame make this a very well-balanced bike that handles with easy
  • Because this isn’t an especially heavy e-bike, the 672Wh battery provides plenty of range
  • We would prefer to see a more traditional saddle; the one included can rub the inside of the rider’s thighs
  • Because this e-bike has 20-in. wheels, the mechanical disc brakes provide adequate stopping power, but hydraulic discs modulate better and would be more befitting of a “plus” model.

Lectric XPeak

The Best Budget Fat Tire Electric Bike, 2023

Lectric XPeak - The Best Budget Fat Tire Electric BikeLectric XPeak - The Best Budget Fat Tire Electric Bike

You’ll encounter plenty of hyperbole when shopping for electric bikes. A lot of things are made out to be the best thing since sliced bread, when in reality they are pretty good, but far from revolutionary. With that in mind – and we don’t say this lightly – the Lectric XPeak has the potential to be one of the biggest game changers in the fat tire e-bike market we’ve seen. The value is bonkers (even for Lectric) which is why we see it as one of the best electric bikes for 2023 and beyond.

So what’s all the fuss? Well, for starters, the XPeak can attribute $400 of its low $1299 sticker price to the RST Renegade suspension fork alone. With 80mm of travel, its quality is a notable step above what you’d usually find on an affordable e-bike. In fact, this is the only sub-$2000 fat tire electric bike that has achieved the ISO 4210-10 eMTB durability standard. That’s better peace of mind than any other affordable fatty has offered (so far, anyway), meaning you’ll be able to hold up to the demands of back-country exploring.

It’s not all about the fork though. The Choayang 26”x4” tires hold up really well with great puncture protection. Lectric adds slime to the tubes just for added assurance, too! You’ll have all the motor power you need to go up and over rocks and roots thanks to Lectric’s robust 750W rear hub motor with their more dialed-in PWR programming.

We’re actively reviewing this one as we’ve gotten our hands on a pre-release prototype, but we can already tell this is an e-bike worthy of a preorder – the Lectric XPeak is here to stay and it’ll put more people in the saddle of fat tire e-bike.

Check Best Price | Read Review in Progress | Video Review Coming Soon

  • Amazing value. $400 RST fork, 750W motor, 26”x4” fat tires and more for just $1300 MSRP.
  • An off-roader with durability and confidence. The ISO 4210-10 rating is a pretty big deal for a bike that you’ll look to take off road. Fewer questions about how long it’ll hold up vs other bikes in this price range.
  • Versatility. The ride feels surprisingly great on road or off. Potential to be your one-stop shop for people who predominantly ride on pavement, but want to still explore dirt trails.
  • Backing of one of the largest DTC brands. E-bikes are still in early innings, so getting a product from a company that has one of the largest rider-bases is no small thing for long-term confidence in customer service.
  • The XPeak pushes the off-road narrative as hard as any similar fat tire e-bike, but the over the bar shifter isn’t our favorite on bumpy terrain..

Rad Power Bikes RadCity 5 Plus

The Best Step-Thru Commuter Electric Bike, 2023

Rad Power Bikes RadCity 5 Plus - Best Electric Bikes 2023Rad Power Bikes RadCity 5 Plus - Best Electric Bikes 2023

Rad Power Bikes really overhauled the latest iteration of their uber-popular commuter. The RadCity 5 Plus came equipped with a host of new parts on top of a freshly redesigned look. We were such fans of how the new RadCity came together that it easily sprang to our minds to be included on our list of best electric bikes.

The aesthetics upgrade is apparent: Rad swapped an exterior battery pack for a semi-integrated, frame-mounted battery. The modern paint job on a classic Dutch-styled bike is a marriage that works quite well too. We think the step-thru model best fits the relaxed Dutch style, making it easy to get on or off, or simply enjoy the ride.

Powering the bike is a 672Wh battery and a 750W geared rear hub motor. Rad has dialed in the electronics to smoothly engage while riding and keep the rider comfortable and in control. Rad also employed the use of a dual display set-up we rarely see which breaks up the information in a good way.

Add in the 59.5-lb capacity rear rack, 50 mm suspension fork, fenders and front and rear integrated lights and this e-bike will be able to serve riding needs from leisure to car-replacement.

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  • Uncommonly efficient 672Wh battery if great for commutes, and it looks great on the bike.
  • The handling is stable and predictable. Great for experienced and rookie riders alike.
  • The 750W motor will get the job done for you day in and day out.
  • The Rad Power Bikes branded tires also performed well with plenty of traction and puncture resistance.
  • The cable management could definitely be tidier.

Lectric XP Lite

The Best Ultra-Affordable Electric Bike, 2023

Lectric XP LiteLectric XP Lite

Shopping for an e-bike that retails for less than $1000 can be a mixed bag. We understand people wanting to stretch their dollar as far as possible, especially with inflation being what it is. However, there’s a point of diminishing returns where the sacrifices made to reach the low price have eroded the e-bike’s quality to a point we don’t feel good recommending. The Lectric XP Lite bucks that trend by offering one of the most affordable e-bikes we’ve ever given a thumbs up.

Rather than design an e-bike from the ground up to be affordable, Lectric took the approach of putting their very successful XP 2.0 on a diet. Lectric eliminated the suspension fork, rack, fenders and multi-gear drivetrain to achieve a price anyone in the market for an e-bike can afford.

In removing those elements, the XP Lite lost weight and Lectric was able to capitalize on that by speccing a 300W motor and 374Wh battery, which gives it nearly the same range as the XP 2.0. Its 46-lb weight makes it one of the easiest-to-fold e-bikes we’ve encountered.

When looking for the best blend of light weight and affordability, the XP Lite is tough to beat. A 70-lb e-bike can be difficult for smaller riders to manage as well as elderly riders who may have lost strength; we appreciate an e-bike with such a broad appeal.

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  • We don’t often recommend e-bikes that retail for less than $1000, but this one gets a solid thumbs up
  • With a weight of just 46 lbs., this e-bike has terrific handling
  • By removing the battery before folding it, riders can cut the e-bike’s weight by 7 lbs., making it easier to manage
  • To cut the chance for flats, the tubes come with Slime sealant installed
  • The 20 x 3-in. tires feature knobs for unpaved surfaces
  • Most sub-50-lb. e-bikes can’t carry as much weight as the XP Lite’s 275-lb. payload capacity
  • There really isn’t much you could do differently with this bike without increasing cost. It fits the bill for being a fun, practical folder for riders on a budget
  • The XP Lite strikes an amazing balance of features vs. affordability; any upgrades would increase its cost
  • We would prefer to be able to remove the key after turning the e-bike on
  • The single-speed drivetrain was a key part of hitting this price, but it will make hills a bigger challenge and practically necessitates PAS 5 usage on steeper grades.

Electric Bike Company Model R

The Most Comfortable (And Most Customizable) Cruiser, 2023

Electric Bike Company Model RElectric Bike Company Model R

More often than not, fine-tuning a bike’s comfort is done after purchase. You might need to get a feel for the bike before deciding to swap out the saddles, grips and the like – but in many cases, you won’t even have the option at purchase. What you see is what you get.

When it comes to Electric Bike Company, however, the comfort factor starts out high, with options to make it even better depending on your unique needs, and the Model R might best showcase all of that.

Let’s start with what is standard: a low-step frame, one of the thickest and most plus saddles you’ll ever find, and a 80mm travel front fork.

Now for the tailoring: pick your preferred handlebar, pick between either 26” or 24” tires. Throw in a suspension seat post if you need even more shock absorption. Upgrade that plush saddle to one with a backrest. The choice of a thumb throttle or twist grip throttle is up to you too.

It’s an impressive amount of customization, and that’s without even mentioning all the different ways you can have the bike painted, or the other options you can swap out like an upgraded drivetrain, or a motor that uses a torque sensor instead of a cadence-based one. Throw in the 750W motor’s effortless pedaling, and you have what is easily the most comfortable e-bike out there since it was made to fit YOU!

All of this from a company that then backs up the bike you have them make for you with industry-leading warranties, and stateside assembly and customer service for fast response to any issues and you have a bike that gives you as much peace of mind for the life of the purchase as it does a cushy experience on the roads.

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  • Extremely comfortable setup, that can be further upgraded based on your specific needs.
  • The looks are also highly customizable with thousands and thousands of different color options and combinations.
  • A solid all-around feel thanks to the wide 3” tires that provide good traction, and your choice of handlebar for your preferred steering.
  • Industry leading 10-year motor and frame warranty, with 5-year on the battery.
  • Assembled in the USA means any issues with your bike and the customer service team can track down and talk to the mechanic that assembled your bike!
  • Our test bike with optional baskets weighed 78 lbs. You don’t notice the heft much on the road, but it may be more difficult moving it around when not riding.

Mokwheel Basalt

The Best Electric Bike for Camping, 2023

MokWheel Basalt Electric Bike Review - Best Electric Bikes 2023MokWheel Basalt Electric Bike Review - Best Electric Bikes 2023

Half the fun of camping is exploring the area visited. E-bikes offer campers the opportunity to go farther, see more and not be wiped out at the end of the day. As a Class 3 e-bike with a maximum speed of 28 mph and a torque sensor to engage its motor, the Mokwheel Basalt is terrific for getting around most anywhere.This bike is unusual among e-bikes in that it is well-suited to both on- and off-road exploring, but it can serve as a valuable resource thanks to some of its unusual accessories.

The Mokwheel Basalt may not look all that unusual at first glance. It features a 750W brushless hub motor that can turn 90 Nm of torque, making it suitable for riding steep hills, whether paved or not. The 110mm-travel suspension fork improves control on bumpy terrain and the 7-speed Shimano drivetrain helps both uphill and down. Hydraulic disc brakes offer terrific power even on steep downhills and Chaoyang 26”x4” tires provide the necessary cushion and traction for exploring the backcountry.

What really sets the Mokwheel Basalt apart is its massive 940Wh battery that can connect with a 100W power inverter to run such essentials as a phone charger, a coffee maker, an electric grill, or a laptop. Planning to be gone more than a day or two? Mokwheel also offers a solar charger to keep the juice running to those devices.

Riders can also choose between a traditional frame and a step-thru design. Both feature a 400-lb. payload capacity which gives campers who want to go bag dinner a way to carry it back to camp as well. This is ideal for anyone who loves to go camping but who still wants the convenience of electricity.

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  • 750W brushless hub motor has the power and torque necessary to climb hills and deliver riders to a maximum assisted speed of 28 mph for spirited riding
  • Comes in both a traditional frame and a step-thru to fit a broad range of riders
  • Can power a number of electric appliances while camping with the help of the optional 1000W power inverter
  • 4-in.-wide tires and a front suspension fork make for a very comfortable ride
  • 450-lb. payload capacity makes it terrific for hunters wanting to bring home their game
  • We would like to see a drivetrain with more than 7-speeds to better handle technical terrain

Lectric XPedition

The Best Budget Cargo Electric Bike, 2023

Lectric XPeditionLectric XPedition

Given that this is our list of the top overall e-bikes of 2023, it’s no surprise to say every e-bike listed here gave us lasting memories. However, possibly no other bike gave us a bigger “WOW” moment this year than Lectric did with the sheer value of their first-ever cargo bike.

The XPedition has one of the highest weight ratings of any cargo rack at 300 lbs (the bike’s total payload is 450 lbs), and Lectric made sure you could tow all that weight around and conquer any hill by making their 750W motor the torquiest one to date. Oh, and it has hydraulic brakes, a custom stem for quick adjusting and folding for storing in compact paces, pre-slimed 20″ x 3″ tires, lights, fenders, and wheel guards!

Sounds great, right? But here’s the brain-busting part of the XPedition: we typically see quality cargo e-bikes selling around the $2000 mark. Lectric debuted the XPedition more than $500 below that level while boasting all the features listed above. For another $300 you can run a dual battery setup that will get you up to 120 miles range (in our testing) and you’re still not bumping against that $2000 line where most cargo e-bikes start.

The “WOW” factor isn’t done yet though. Almost every cargo e-bike rider we’ve known has accessories for either kids or gear. Looking to replace your car on grocery trips? Need space for your little one? You can add two XL cargo pannier bags, or seat cushions and grab bars to the dual-battery XPedition and STILL not cross the typical $2000 mark.

It’s not a bike without its warts. The cable management isn’t the best we’ve seen, and the LCD display is pretty dated, but you throw all those features on top of rock-solid ride quality and remember you’re a fully loaded model can be had for under the starting price of nearly all other cargo options, and the decision to name it the best affordable e-bike of 2023 seems pretty clear.

Check Best Price | Read The Review | Watch Our Video Review

  • Simply among the best values of any e-bike regardless of frame style. You get a ton for what you pay for, and you don’t pay much
  • Among the highest weight capacity ratings we’ve seen. 300 lbs on the rear rack, and 450 total payload
  • Thanks to a low setp-over height and a custom stem it can fit riders 4’11” – 6’5″
  • Makes light work of most any hill even when hauling a lot of cargo
  • The folding stem can start to feel a bit wobbly when traveling at top speed
  • We strongly recommend the dual battery model, but know you’ll have to buy a separate second charger to charge both at one time

Blix Sol Eclipse

The Best Lightweight Cruiser Electric Bike, 2023

Blix Sol EclipseBlix Sol Eclipse

The cruiser vibe has always been about a bike that is easy to ride, comfortable to sit on and relaxed enough in its handling that the rider can look around and see the sights. The Blix Sol Eclipse is a cruiser that respects all that and then adds some oomph. We hadn’t really ever asked the question, “How do you make a cruiser even easier to ride?” but that’s exactly what the Blix Sol Eclipse does for riders.

With a 750W hub motor, a 614Wh battery and a 7-speed drivetrain, the Blix Sol Eclipse makes riding just as easy on hills as it does on a flat bike path. And while most people don’t go for super long rides on a cruiser, having more fun in the sun and making use of its 45-mi. range seems easy with the speeds it’s capable of.

The LCD display is large, easy to read at a glance, and offers a more precise battery charge scale than other bikes with just four or five bars. Having the display mounted at the stem also helps its readability. The backswept cruiser bar is very comfortable and we love the cool and comfortably twist shifter!

We often criticize e-bikes that fit tall riders while leaving out those who are smaller. The Blix Sol Eclipse has a low (17-in.) standover height and an even shorter reach to the bar (15.5 in.), making this e-bike ideal for riders who might not fit on most other bikes. Add in the fact that its weight is firmly in the manageable mid-50s and it’s easy enough to move around or up on a hitch rack.

This is a Class 2 e-bike with a throttle and a maximum assist speed of 20 mph. While we like hydraulic disc brakes for their feel and power, the Tektro mechanical discs with 160mm rotors do a great job of keeping the Blix Sol Eclipse under control. It’s easy to see why this is our favorite electric cruiser bike of 2023.

Check Best Price | Read Full Review | Watch Our Video Review

  • With 7 speeds and a 750W motor, even a hill doesn’t disrupt this cruiser’s easy vibe
  • The relaxed position of this cruiser made for more than 100 miles of comfortable riding for our testers
  • Few things get our attention as quickly as an e-bike loaded with features that doesn’t break the bank and the Sol Eclipse has everything needed for a fun day out
  • The appeal of a cruiser is rarely about speed, but we found the Blix Sol Eclipse to be a very capable climber that also has terrific acceleration
  • Most e-bikes we review come a two, maybe three colors; we were pleased to see that Blix offers the Sol Eclipse in four different colors
  • PAS 1 and PAS 2 don’t assist the rider very much; we’d like to see the wattage increased on those to give riders an appreciable level of assist

Ride1UP Revv 1

The Best Moped/Moto-Style Electric Bike, 2023

Ride1UP Revv 1Ride1UP Revv 1

Moped-style e-bikes are all the rage these days, and the market is packed full of models spanning every imaginable price point and power level. We’ve tested our fair share of them, and found the Ride1UP Revv 1 to be a cut above the rest!

This smash hit of an e-bike is freaky fast, ferociously fun, and fully functional as an electric vehicle. It’s a Class 2 e-bike with a 750W rear-hub motor and a throttle to carry you up to 20 miles per hour, but with some help from Ride1UP, it can be loosened up to Class 3 mode for faster pedal-assisted travel on the streets, and fully unlocked for even greater speeds on private property. On top of that, it comes equipped with lights, turn signals, fenders, and even an electronic horn.

We acknowledge that many riders will opt to near-exclusively use the bike’s throttle, but the Revv 1 surprised us by the (relative) ease with which it can be pedaled. Regardless of how much speed and motor input you desire, the bike uses a cadence sensor for a smooth and casual ride that just needs the pedals to be in motion for the motor to pump out its power. We loved how stable the bike felt when braking or traveling at high speeds!

To top it off, this bike comes in two trim packages with different price points to meet your needs and budget – both under $2,500. With so much packed into such an affordable e-bike, it’s no wonder the Ride1UP Revv 1 was our top choice for the best moped-style e-bike of the year!

Check Best Price | Read Full Review | Video Review

  • The Revv 1 nails the moto-inspired ethos: it looks cool, and is an absolute blast to ride
  • Hallmark Ride1UP value. Great value in terms of the dollar you pay and the spec you receive
  • The handling is superb. Few, if any, e-bikes we’ve tested feel so stable at speeds up to 28 mph
  • Solid range going between 30-60 miles in our testing, and we hear a dual battery option is on the way too
  • The tires offer good puncture-resistance, but if the rear gets a flat it’s more labor-intensive than most to fix it

Aventon Soltera

The Best City/Urban Electric Bike, 2023

Aventon SolteraAventon Soltera

One of the biggest challenges of e-bike design is that the bigger the motor, the more it weighs. The same goes for batteries. That creates a challenge for a bike designer; a more powerful motor gives up some of the value of its wattage by virtue of the fact that the increased weight negates it. Similarly, a more powerful battery weighs more and therefore reduces an e-bike’s range. Rather than beefing up both motor and battery for the Aventon Soltera.2, Aventon went in the other direction; specced with a 350W brushless motor and a 360Wh battery, the Soltera.2 tips the scales at just 46 lbs.

The Aventon Soltera.2 is modeled on single-speed, flat-bar road bikes known as fixies. It features skinny tires which give the bike a more agile feeling. They also increase its efficiency, making it easier to accelerate and using less energy at speed. Additionally, the 700C wheels roll over bumps more easily and offer a stable ride.

These brakes are plenty powerful for the kind of riding buyers will do on this bike. The mechanical brakes work well with the bikes lower weight, help to keep costs down, and make replacements easier. And while the tires on the Aventon Soltera are narrower than we often see on e-bikes, they aren’t as skinny as the tires we see on racing bikes, so they will still offer a relatively comfortable ride even on rough roads.

Check Best Price | Read Full Review | Watch Our Video Review

  • The riser bar, skinny tires and hidden battery gives the Soltera.2 the look of a fixie
  • At 46 lbs., the Soltera is a surprisingly light e-bike and as a result it has a zippy feel on the road that is refreshing
  • Most similar e-bikes are spec’d with a battery smaller than the 360Wh battery found on the Soltera, which gives it a surprisingly long range
  • Even though this is a budget-oriented model, Aventon doesn’t go cheap; the Soltera is equipped with the full-color LCD display, companion app and inset taillight
  • Riders looking for an e-bike with a powerful motor might not appreciate this bike’s balance of power vs. weight; this bike is meant to make use of a smaller motor in a lighter bike

Lectric XP Trike

The Best Electric Trike, 2023

Lectric XP Trike - The Best Electric Trike Lectric XP Trike - The Best Electric Trike

The best example of e-bike accessibility is actually a three-wheeled e-trike. And there is no better value in electric trikes than the Lectric XP Trike.

With a standover height of only 14”, a collapsing stem for easier transport, and a bunch of included niceties like the rear basket and comfortable saddle, the XP Trike accommodates a lot of riders, making it easy, useful, and even more portable than most.

The XP Trike’s $1499 MSRP is easily the lowest amongst brands with reputable histories. But this isn’t some slapped-together model on the cheap; the XP Trike has really impressive engineering that we haven’t seen on any other e-trike. Lectric cleverly uses a hub motor paired with a differential that powers both rear wheels via the drivetrain. This feels similar to a mid-drive without the added cost, and allows both rear wheels to spin independently for effective turning.

That was all super technical, but the gist is you’ll see great motor power and efficiency, and you can enjoy a safe and predictable rideh. Stability is typically the main concern for trike users, and the XP Trike’s setup is nothing if not stable.

The XP Trike’s performance is tremendous as well. Its 500W motor (1092W peak) has no quit, even powering to the top of our infamous Hill Test location of Hell Hole Trail with plenty of extra weight too. It’ll enable riders to keep up with friends and family, albeit at a more controlled and steady pace.

Check Best Price | Read Full Review | Watch Our Video Review

  • The performance of the motor is great. It’s steady, not speedy, but it shows no quit powering even larger riders up any hill.
  • Easy to control. The XP Trike has good stability, and Lectric includes safety features such as slower speeds out of the box for you to learn and know your Trike before going faster too. .
  • The thought and engineering that went into the drive unit’s design show careful attention to detail. You can take confidence in the overall safety of the XP Trike’s design. .
  • 415 lbs total weight capacity with 100 lbs for cargo on the racks and baskets.
  • PSA to first-time trike riders. Handling characteristics are different from bikes. Take the time to get to know it first; you’ll need to ride it slower. .

Ride1UP Portola

The Best New E-Bike on the Market, 2023

Ride1UP Portola - The Best New E-Bike on the MarketRide1UP Portola - The Best New E-Bike on the Market

For several years now, the Lectric XP series has claimed the title of ‘Best Value Electric Bike’; no other e-bikes gave you more features for less money. They also had enough utility to cast an extremely wide net of appeal, as different people could envision using them for different needs. In all those years they lacked a serious contender that could deliver similar features and performance while sticking to a similar $1000 MSRP.

Until now.

Ride1UP was already a leading value e-bike brand, but they hit new heights in that realm with the debut of the Portola. It’s packed with features while nailing a sleek look.

Let’s just go rapid-fire through the specs: 750W motor, hydraulic disc brakes, suspension fork, welded-on rear rack for 130 lbs carrying capacity, 8-speed shifter with 290% gear range – and oh yeah, it folds down so you can toss it in the trunk and take it with you wherever you go. It even includes a strap on the frame for keeping it together and making it easier to move when folded.

If it has drawbacks, they are small: the bike’s battery has a modest 500 Wh to feed the 750W motor, and its leg extension is a bit short, meaning those taller than 6’ will be a bit cramped. But even those few gripes have notable counterpoints! You can upgrade the battery to 643 Wh for $100 more, and the leg extension only applies to some – even then you’ll still have the motor to help offset the downside.

2023 has had a lot of great e-bike announcements, but this true contender to the top-value’s crown really caught our attention. The Portola is worthy of a look as one of the best electric bike options of today – and the year!

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  • The motor is really fun. Speedy on flats, and better than most folders on hills thanks to its 750w motor with 65 Nm of torque.
  • Uncommon features at such a low price point make for one of the best value packages of any e-bike. The 8-speed gearing, 750W motor, hydraulic brakes and 130-lb capacity rack offer terrific bang for your buck.
  • The Portola didn’t skimp on accessories to hit the low price point. Still comes with front and rear lights, fenders, a rear rack, etc.
  • The standard battery is sufficient for 15-32 miles of riding, but that can be upped to 21-47 miles for $100 more.
  • Billed as a bike for those 4’10” – 6’4”, but we’d say it’s optimized for those up to 6’.

Specialized Turbo Vado

The Best High-Performance Commuter, 2023

Specialized Turbo Vado Electric Commuter Bike Review - Best Electric Bikes 2023Specialized Turbo Vado Electric Commuter Bike Review - Best Electric Bikes 2023

For over three decades, Specialized has had the same mantra: “Innovate or Die.”

As you might expect, they opted for the former.

The Specialized Turbo Vado is the result of world-class engineering with a high level of detail. The specially-tuned 250W mid-drive motor is as responsive as any we’ve ever pedaled, delivering the right amount of assistance needed from the moment you turn the cranks.

Doubters of smaller wattage bikes should make no mistake here, this bike can absolutely move if it wants to. The Turbo Vado has three different assist levels in ECO, SPORT, and TURBO mode. Each one provides a distinctly different feel from the others and the bike handles well in all three.

The motor alone is something we could wax poetic on for pages, but the bike doesn’t stop there. High-level componentry is found throughout the bike from the SRAM hydraulic brakes, SRAM NX 11-speed drivetrain, and the generous 710 Wh battery powering the bike (on the 4.0 model we tested)..

Typically, when a bike is in the “high-performance” category that might mean it runs a little pricier than it needs to. We don’t actually feel that’s the case here. Considering the componentry package, engineering investment, performance, and top tier customer support you’re getting in this bike it feels like you get every penny of what you pay for.

Check Best Price | Read Full Review | Watch Our Video Review

  • Simply put: it’s one of the best feeling motors we’ve ever experienced.
  • The new looks of the Turbo Vado are great – it delivers a traditional bike feel.
  • Specialized’s global network of dealers and nearly unparalleled customer service.
  • This is a cruiser that could easily double as a commuter or city bike. It’s built to be very versatile
  • One of our only complaints is that the magnetic charger can be difficult to seat correctly when the battery is installed in the frame.

Evelo Omega

The Best Mid-Drive Electric Bike for Seniors, 2023

Evelo Omega - Best Electric Bikes 2023Evelo Omega - Best Electric Bikes 2023

What has the Evelo Omega done to earn a spot on our best electric bikes list? It delivers an uncommonly powerful mid-drive motor, next level comfort, and an elevated degree of simplicity to its riders’ lives.

The Omega includes one of the more impressive feature packages we’ve seen in all the e-bikes we’ve reviewed. The 750W mid drive motor can dish out an astounding 115 Nm of torque. It’s a bike that can power any rider to the top of any hill without breaking a sweat. It can do this more easily than most due to some advanced drivetrain technology.

The Omega also includes the Enviolo Trekking CVT hub with an Automatiq shifter on a Gates CDX belt drive. It’s an almost fully automatic system, like going from driving a stick-shift to an automatic transmission. Just hit go, and the bike will take care of the gearing on its own – though you can adjust its range to suit your comfort preferences.

Throw in the bike’s comfortable ergonomics, highly-accessible step-through frame, and nice 3”-wide tires for good traction and handling, and you have a superior bike that’ll make leisurely and relaxing cruises more enjoyable for senior riders.

Check Best Price | Read Full Review | Watch Our Video Review

  • A highly impressive, and practical, group of features: Very powerful motor, automatic shifting, and efficient battery consumption.
  • A clean system thanks to the internally geared hub and gates belt drive.
  • Evelo has one of the best warranties in the business at 4-year / 20,000 miles.
  • Enviolos app allows you to tailor the automatic shifting to your liking. .
  • The autoshift is awesome tech, but it will have an adjustment period giving up that control. .

Specialized Globe Haul ST

The Most Fun Utility / Cargo Electric Bike, 2023

Specialized Globe Haul ST - The Most Fun Utility / Cargo Electric BikeSpecialized Globe Haul ST - The Most Fun Utility / Cargo Electric Bike

Of all the e-bikes we’ve tested in 2023, there may not have been a more singularly stellar performer than the Globe Haul ST. Its hill climb and brake tests were among the best we’ve ever had, while its speed and range tests were in the upper tiers as well. It also happens to fit perhaps the widest range of riders on any e-bike we’ve tested. How could we NOT include it on the list of 2023’s top e-bike choices?!

Not only did the Globe Haul ST test well, but it’s likely going to set forth a new standard in a couple of departments.

One of the trends we’ve seen this year is pairing more hub motors with torque sensors. The goal is to give you the superior power of a hub motor, with the better control, feel, and efficiency often associated with mid-drive motors (which all use torque sensors). We’ve tested some that range from middling to great – but without a doubt, the best we’ve ridden so far has been the Globe Haul ST. Once you get a feel for the nuance of how to ride it, it’s a blast!

While it nailed the power and engagement aspects of the motor, the Globe Haul ST sets a pretty high bar for utility e-bikes as well. The 419 lbs payload capacity is among the best you’ll find, and really impressive on a short tail. Specialized did well in crafting the frame to support and balance that type of load, and the motor and braking capabilities mean you can handle it with confidence.

Here at Electric Bike Report, we have a not-so-secret crush on utility bikes because they can be used in almost any situation. Few are as fun and useful as what Specialized has made with the Globe Haul ST, making it an easy choice for this list.

Check Best Price | Read Full Review | Watch Our Video Review

  • The motor is equal parts fun and helpful. The bike feels easy to control, and capable in any situation should you want to go fast, or need to climb steep hills.
  • Handling is great. The bike moves really well on it’s 3.5”-wide tires which are easy to pedal and wide enough for stability
  • It can haul a lot of cargo on a small body. The 419 lbs payload capacity can be easily utilized with the host of accessories you can pair to the bike
  • Awesome safety. For a bike that has the option to go fast, or carry a lot of things, having one of the best brake tests we’ve ever seen is a huge plus for remaining in control and staying safe on the road
  • We wish the throttle came standard, but it can be added at checkout (and highly recommend it).

QuietKat Apex Pro

The Best All-Terrain/Hunting E-Bike, 2023

QuietKat Apex- The Best All-Terrain/Hunting E-BikeQuietKat Apex- The Best All-Terrain/Hunting E-Bike

This fat bike takes the idea of an all-terrain e-bike and bolts on a turbo unit. The QuietKat Apex is the company’s top-shelf all-terrain e-bike, featuring a Bafang mid-drive motor for a more responsive ride and better performance on hills. This e-bike has the power necessary to take riders deep into the backcountry and the range to bring them back out.

The QuietKat Apex sports an excellent parts pick including Tektro 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes, a SRAM 9-speed drivetrain and a 150mm-travel suspension fork. Add in fat 26 x 4.5-in. tires, and it’s ready to head into the wilderness

Getting the most out of an e-bike offroad will be most likely if the e-bike fits the rider. To their credit, QuietKat offers the Apex in three sizes to fit a broad range of rider heights. QuietKat offers buyers a number of choices, including a motor upgrade and extended warranties, not to mention a vast selection of different accessories.

With a 325-lb. payload capacity, it is a terrific option for the hunter or angler who wants to bring home dinner, and with a 768 Wh battery, it has the range to go where the game is!

Check Best Price | Read Full Review | Watch Our Video Review

  • Choose between a 750W mid-drive Bafang motor (standard) or upgrade to a 1000W motor
  • The 150mm suspension fork can handle the rigors of challenging terrain
  • Tektro’s 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes are a smart choice for riding in steep terrain, especially if pulling a load or if the rack is loaded
  • Hunters and anglers will appreciate the forethought QuietKat put into its array of accessories
  • Riders looking for an e-bike for super-technical terrain may not find the Apex suitable for their needs; we consider it more all-terrain than eMTB.

GoCycle G4

The Best Lightweight Folding Electric Bike, 2023

GoCycle G4 Bike Review - Best Electric Bikes 2023GoCycle G4 Bike Review - Best Electric Bikes 2023

It’s obvious the GoCycle G4 is the brainchild of a former supercar designer.

Nearly all of the bike is made of carbon fiber, including the super sexy one-piece spoked carbon wheels and the entirety of the sleek-looking folding frame. The bike almost has a minimalist design with smooth curves and few obvious frills, but beneath that carbon facade is one of the most feature-rich and smartly-integrated e-bikes we’ve ever tested.

The G4 family of GoCycles is the fourth iteration of the British fast folder. Not only does this bike have more carbon and a more integrated cockpit than its predecessor, GoCycle managed to double the torque produced by the front hub motor. Don’t let this bike’s small stature fool you; it’s remarkably quick and climbs hills with the best of them. The new G4i+ also has predictive electric shifting and a set of very nice hydraulic disk brakes that are unbranded but bear a striking resemblance to a high-end Magura design.

All in, the GoCycle G4 weighs in the ballpark of 36 lbs, making this one of the most lightweight folding e-bikes on the market today. Add in its quirky cool looks, beautiful folding mechanism and feature-rich build, and it’s undeniably one of the best lightweight folding e-bikes of 2023.

Check Best Price | Read Full Review | Watch Our Video Review

  • The design is bar-none. It’s amazing how many features have been crammed into such a little frame.
  • Folding the G4 is very easy and, with a little practice, can be done in just a few seconds.
  • The carbon rims on the G4i+ may seem like overkill on a folding commuter, but man do they make a noticeable difference. Plus they’re just ultra cool.
  • Electric shifting is ultra cool and works great. Did we mention it’s a system made special for GoCycle?
  • The lightweight plus convenient folding make the G4 lineup very realistic for dedicated bike commuters who are low on space.
  • The predictive shifting is a nice touch, but it may take a little getting used to for experienced riders.

Specialized Turbo Levo (Gen 3)

The Best eMTB, 2023

Specialized Turbo Levo (Gen 3) - The Best eMTB 2023Specialized Turbo Levo (Gen 3) - The Best eMTB 2023

Specialized jumped head first into electric bikes several years ago, and we see that dedication to electric mountain bikes in their 3rd generation Turbo Levo.

The full powered eMTB takes our award for ‘Best Electric Mountain Bike of 2023’, beating out some pretty heavy competition. With the responsive, yet powerful Specialized 2.2 motor (made in conjunction with Brose), quality specs across the board, 700Wh battery, and a fun, lively feel on the trails, we have a hard time not recommending the full-powered Specialized Turbo Levo to mountain bikers wanting to either get started with electric mountain biking, or riders looking to move up in power from a lightweight eMTB.

Currently, we find the best value in the Comp Carbon build. No, you don’t get carbon wheels but you do get a full carbon frame, quality suspension (Fox 36 rhythm up front and Fox Float X Performance in the rear), and Specialized Mastermind TCU display. It’s a great build that rides fantastic on even some of the most challenging trails.

Finally, we really love the 29” front / 27.5” rear mullet set up, and modern geometry that just make the bike fun to ride.

Check Best Price | Full Review Coming Soon

  • The motor is really fun. Speedy on flats, and better than most folders on hills thanks to its 750w motor with 65 Nm of torque.
  • Uncommon features at such a low pricepoint make for one of the best value packages of any e-bike. The 8-speed gearing, 750W motor, hydraulic brakes and 130lbs-capacity rack offer terrific bang-for-your-buck.
  • The Portola didn’t skimp on accessories to hit the low price point. Still comes with front and rear lights, fenders, a rear rack, etc.
  • The standard battery is sufficient for 15-32 miles of riding, but that can be upped to 21-47 miles for $100 more.
  • Billed as a bike for those 4’10” – 6’4”, but we’d say it’s optimized for those up to 6’ mainly.

Trek FX+2

The Best High-End City/Urban E-Bike, 2023

Trek FX+2 - The Best High-End City/Urban E-Bike 2023Trek FX+2 - The Best High-End City/Urban E-Bike 2023

The Trek FX+2 is a lightweight and stealthy city e-bike with very subtle electric features. Blink, and you’ll miss the 250W HyDrive hub motor, but make no mistake about the seemingly-tiny motor’s impact. Its purpose is to give traditional city riders the familiar feel of control they already have, with a natural-feeling boost to help keep their speeds up, and to make hills less fatiguing.

The 40lbs of weight will benefit riders who occasionally have to pick up the bike up some stairs, or for getting it into an apartment. With such a lightweight frame, the bike feels impressivly agile and has great acceleration.

There are a lot of worthy names to include as the best electric bike for city riders, but Trek carries with it a level of prestige and peace of mind for delivering a product that’s been thought through from head to toe. The bike is nimble, it shifts reliably, and benefits from great traction off the Bontrager 700x40c tires. You’ll also get reliable stopping from the Shimano hydraulic brake setup.

Whether you like the stealth factor, brand name recognition, or adept handling of the FX+2, it’s clear that there’s some level of appeal for any city rider looking for a lighter option for getting around the city. .

Check Best Price | Read Full Review | Watch Our Video Review

  • A great ride for the traditional cyclist. The motor is whisper quiet, while it provides subtle but meaningful assistance.
  • The handling is superb! The Bontrager tires, Shimano Altus 9-speed, and 660-690 mm handlebars allow you to take corners, and maneuver amongst pedestrians with ease.
  • The geometry, saddle, grips and more are all pretty comfortable for a city bike.
  • The motor features an app for tuning customization ensuring city riders can find their preferred motor settings.
  • Battery life is on the light side (13 – 30 miles). You can add a second battery to it for more range though.

Bottom line: The best electric bikes

They say the best e-bike is the one you’re most excited to ride, and we couldn’t agree more.

While we’re sure there’s going to be lots of opinions and questions about why this or that bike didn’t land on our list, these are the 14 e-bikes we’re most excited about right now. This is not a comprehensive list, nor were we able to consider each and every e-bike use case, but we do think all the bikes on this list are a good representation of what’s out there right now.

Have a bike that you think would be a good contender for our best electric bikes of 2023 page? Let us know in the comment section below. At the very least, we always want to know what our readers are riding.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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