BikTrix Has $1 Million in Inventory Stolen; Watch for Deals

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Canadian e-bike maker had an entire container of their new e-bike stolen.

BikTrix Has $1 Million in Inventory Stolen; Be Watchful On Local MarketPlace DealsBikTrix Has $1 Million in Inventory Stolen; Be Watchful On Local MarketPlace Deals

Anyone who has ever had a bike or e-bike stolen knows the sense of pain, anger and betrayal you feel upon discovery. Now, imagine having that magnified more than 100 times. Canadian e-bike brand BikTrix was set to begin shipping their newest model, the Juggernaut FS ST, a powerful full-suspension all-terrain e-bike with a step-thru frame. A full shipping container of the Juggernaut FS ST had been delivered to BikTrix’s Delta, BC, warehouse.

The container of e-bikes, which included some prototypes as well as 140 of the new Juggernaut FS ST, had just recently arrived at their warehouse, but hadn’t been unloaded yet. Unfortunately for BikTrix, thieves with a Ryder cab broke the lock that secured the container chassis on which the shipping container sat and simply connected the chassis to the truck and drove off with it.

BikTrix provided Canadian police with surveillance video from the warehouse as well as the truck’s license plate number. Canadian police tracked the truck for two days but when they observed no illegal activity, ceased their surveillance.

“This container wasn’t just metal and contents, this container was like a treasure chest of our dreams, our entire team’s hard work, and considerable market value worth $1M—comprising all of our savings,” said Biktrix Founder and CEO Roshan Thomas

Had the container not yet reached the BikTrix warehouse in Delta, BC, it would have been covered by a ship-to-shore policy that protects shipments while in transit. Unfortunately, because though the container had been delivered it was no longer covered by that policy, which leaves BikTrix to hope that it can be claimed under the umbrella policy the business carries.

BikTrix Juggernaut FS STBikTrix Juggernaut FS ST

The e-bikes in question are BikTrix’s new Juggernaut FS ST. This is a full-suspension e-bike with a rear suspension that is largely hidden from view and a Truckrun mid-drive motor that produces 1200W. It comes in a fat-tire version as well as an eMTB version. For more detail on this remarkable new e-bike you can read our spec review here. Serial numbers for the Juggernaut FS ST run from BK2CE30001 to BK2CE30140. The Juggernaut is produced in yellow, green and black, as well as custom colors.

Fencing such a large theft isn’t easy. The stolen e-bikes could easily show up in places like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

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