Black Friday and Cyber Monday Electric Bike Deals 2023

If you want to see all the rest of the best Black Friday deals from some of the best E-Bike brands, check out the links below!

Aventon Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals

Aventon has discounts up to $600 off select models like the Abound, or you can get $400 off one of the e-bikes of the year with the Aventure.2.

Lectric Black Friday & Cyber Monday e-bike deals

How do you top being the lowest prices in town? Take up to another $100 off the bike and throw in up to $553 in free accessories, that’s how! All Lectric models are including some form of a free accessory package, while select models are being discounted AND getting up to $553 in free accessories included (even on the all new XPeak)! Click the link for all the details.

Ride1UP Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals

Ride1UP models are often some of the better buys on the market. Right now, you can get up to $400 more off of their already low prices.

Rad Power Bikes Black Friday & Cyber Monday e-bike deals

Rad has kicked off their holiday sales period. You can save hundreds on their different models, including a massive $1,200 off the award-winning RadTrike, or $700 off the RadRover 6 Plus! Nervous better deals are around the corner? They have a low price promise so any e-bikes that get further discounts up to December 31st will be price matched for you! You can order now to have it in time for the holidays with some added peace of mind you won’t miss a better Rad deal!

Electric Bike Company’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals

The Electric Bike Company has several different pre-made models discounted up to $400. Or you can just take a look at some of their awesome customization options if you’re looking for a gift that’s anything but ordinary.

Mokwheel’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday e-bike deals

One of our favorite speedy fat tire e-bikes – the Mokwheel Basalt – is massively discounted right now. Several other models are discounted up to $400, and you can even pickup a $660-valued accessory bundle with 10 items for $100 right now at checkout.

Blix Bikes’ Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals

Blix has discounts on oall their models up to $400 per bike. If you order two bikes you get another $200 off your total purchase order for potential savings up to $1000!

Tenways’ Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals

Tenways makes some unique e-bikes that really impressed the EBR squad with their ride quality. Right now they have models discounted up to $600 off. You can even get a bonus $200 in savings when buying any two e-bikes (potential $1400 in savings!).

QuietKat’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday e-bike deals

QuietKat has several intriguing deals worth taking a look at. Active duty military, veterans, first responders and teachers are being shown some love for what they do! They can get up to 25% off their orders through Cyber Monday. While everybody can take a look through some of their closeout deals on accessories.

Specialized’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday e-bike deals

There are all sorts of large discounts happening with Specialized! You can get thousands of $$$ off their top-tier eMTBs, or pick up the award winning Turbo Vado for upwards of $1250 off select models.

Evelo’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday e-bike deals

Evelo is also wheelin and dealin with discounts between 25-35% off all their models. That’s great value considering their top-tier warranty of 4-years and 20,000 miles too! Want even better savings? Their already discounted open box models are getting another 35% too.

Himiway Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals

Do you like long range fat tire e-bikes? The Himiway Zebra is currently $400 off. It comes with a low price promise that in the event a better deal for it comes along between now and January, Himiway will reimburse you the difference. You can save hundreds on the likes of the Big Dog, and Escape as well!

Velotric Bikes Black Friday & Cyber Monday e-bike deals

Every Velotric e-bike is currently on discount, some discounted up to $600! You can get even greater savings as they’ll discount another $200 when buying two e-bikes (excluding the T1ST). That’s up to $1200 when buying two models!

Juiced’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday e-bike deals

Juiced has early Black Friday deals up and are offering up to $700 off on select models.

GoCycle’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday e-bike deals

GoCycle makes perhaps one of the most impressively engineered folding e-bikes on the planet. Maybe all e-bikes in general. Right now you can get $500 off the GoCycle G4, or $1500 off the G4i while supplies last!

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