E-Bike News: NYC Approves Battery Trade-Ins, AI-Powered E-Bikes, Cowboy’s Limited-Edition & More!

Cowboy partners with Paris designer on limited-edition e-bike

E-bike brand Cowboy has collaborated with the Paris fashion designer ba&sh to create a limited-edition version of their Cruiser ST aimed at women. This version of the Cruiser ST is billed as, “a bike that fits in with women’s busy lives.”

The limited-edition Cruiser ST will come with sand-colored tires and saddle and will feature a lavender-colored frame.

The ba&sh-edition Cruiser ST will feature very limited production, just 25 units. It will be available at the London ba&sh store and will go for $3726 (3490 euros). As it is made to comply with European requirements, it has a maximum assist speed of 15 mph and a range of between 25 and 50 miles.

Smalo launches first AI-powered e-bike

Smalo launches first AI-powered e-bikeSmalo launches first AI-powered e-bike

Smalo E-Bikes, is a new e-bike brand, produced by BESV. The two models, the LX2 and the PX2 will feature Smalo’s proprietary G2 AI technology. According to Smalo, G2 will analyze a rider’s riding style, including gear selection and pedal-assist levels and will automatically make those selections for the rider when activated.

The Smalo LX2 features a traditional frame with integrated battery and lights. It goes for $2980. Smalo says their G2 technology will give riders “a refined and smooth riding experience.”

The Smalo PX2 is said to be intended for smaller riders thanks to a smaller frame and smaller wheels. Front and rear suspension give the PX2 a gentler ride to maximize comfort. The PX2 will retail for $2880.

Two smartphone apps, one from Smalo and one from BESV, will offer riders connectivity and control over many dimensions of the e-bikes’ operation, including the e-bike’s current location, battery capacity and security measures including a theft alarm, crash alerts and the ability to lock and unlock the e-bike remotely.

The Smalo LX2 and PX2 are on sale now, with deliveries to California residents beginning in November and other states in 2024.

Other notable features include:

  • Automated shifting (7-speed) and pedal assist adjustments
  • Remote bike connectivity, including system analysis, bike location, theft alarm, bike-down alert, battery capacity monitoring, full-charge notification and low-battery alert
  • Smart lock can be operated either through the app or by entering a passcode directly on the bike
  • Integrated LED display: Access comprehensive riding data without needing a phone
  • Automatic headlights, brake lights and a built-in horn.
  • Estimated range of up to 73 miles and charges in about 3.5 hours using the included 4A fast charger

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