Have You Seen This? 80 MPH E-Bike For Military & Police Use

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The HPC Revolution W claims to be the fastest e-bike in the world, able to reach 80 mph, and the German Schlumpf drive allows pedaling at freeway speeds.

Have You Seen This? 80 MPH E-Bike for Military & Police Use

Hi-Power Cycles, a California-based e-bike maker is known for making a number of e-bikes that operate without restriction. They have just announced a new variation on one of their existing models, the Revolution, called the Revolution W, that is billed as being capable of delivering riders to 80 mph.

Hi-Power Cycles has also announced a new “Defense Division” that is aimed at getting the Revolution into the hands of the military and law enforcement.

The Revolution W is driven by a mammoth 10,500W hub motor that produces an astonishing 280Nm of torque, more than triple what most eMTBs offer. Another version of the Revolution, the Revolution XX has been tested at an OHV area achieving a top speed of 74 mph. No word on exactly how big the battery is, but they claim it will give riders a throttle-only range of 100 mi.

The Revolution W will have 8 in. of travel in the fork and 9 in. of travel in the frame. In order to make sure that riders can actually pedal at speeds above 50 mph, HPC chose the German-made Schlumpf drive which offers a 2.5x overdrive feature that will allow riders to pedal at freeway speeds.

HPC says that Revolution W is constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum and carbon fiber. It appears from photos and video that all load-bearing components are made from aluminum. The fork is made by DVO.

The Revolution XX will be limited to just 20 units worldwide, while there is no word on how many of the Revolution Ws will be made. It can also be configured to take fat tires or run off with a mid-drive motor rather than hub motor.

We’re big fans of technological advances and love seeing companies push the envelope on what’s possible. We can’t help wondering what drove the company to want to produce an e-bike that can reach 80 mph. We’re also wondering, if you want to go 80 mph, why you wouldn’t prefer a motorcycle.

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