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Since there is nothing else quite like it on the market, the ride quality of the JackRabbit XG is certainly unique; the closest comparison I can think of is a BMX without pedals. As such, it has a few uncommon features to consider and discuss.

First, comfort: the bike features a great-feeling CHIFA leather saddle that I found extremely comfortable after hours on the bike. Like the JackRabbit OG, the XG uses foldable pegs for foot placement. These felt sturdy and stout, even as a rider with large feet. The bike’s standard rubber grips were pleasantly squishy but otherwise as expected.

In terms of fit, the XG is advertised as being able to accommodate riders from 4’-9” to 6’-6”. Few bikes can fit such a broad range of users with a single frame size, but the XG has one clear advantage. With no pedals, riders need not be concerned with proper leg extension – they simply need a comfortable seat. Our tallest and shortest testers (Michael at 6’-5” and Kaleigh at 5’-4”, respectively) enjoyed their rides in comfort and style, proving JackRabbit’s advertised height range completely on point.

The overall feel of the ride ranged from lively to relaxing. In Eco, the bike’s cruising speed was a comfortable balance between getting us where we needed to be and allowing us to enjoy the scenery. In High, the ride was a bit more thrilling with punchier acceleration and a more energized feel.

Regardless of power level, the XG’s handling was incredible! With such a short wheelbase, we could almost literally turn on a dime, and with its robust motor, the bike could easily power through turns.

With a low-profile off-road tread pattern on its 20” CST tires, the XG can handle some light dirt or gravel roads. There is no suspension that comes standard, though the 2.4”-wide tires help to smooth some dips and bumps.

Those looking for more cushion shouldn’t fear, however – the bike is compatible with an unexpectedly broad range of accessories including a suspension seatpost. In addition to the aforementioned shoulder strap (see the opening paragraphs of this JackRabbit XG review), owners can add fenders, a cargo box or basket, a cup holder, and even a trailer with a 100-lb carrying capacity.

The included accessories are sparse but essential; the XG comes with a small but effective headlight and a tail light with flashing brake light functionality. These are both plug-and-play with short cords that can be connected directly to ports in the frame, making them easy to remove if desired.

The XG is available in four standard color options, including Red, Black, White, and Yellow. JackRabbit’s OG model can be customized with Limited Edition colors and graphics, so we hope to see these options extended to the XG down the road.

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