QWW 36V 10AH Electric Bicycle Lithinum ion Battery Pack for 100W – 700W Motor Kit with Charge


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Product Description

Four batteriesFour batteries

How to choose the most suitable battery style for you?

The voltage (V) of the battery is the same as that of the motor.The maximum power (W) and maximum current (amp) of the battery must be greater than or equal to the power and current of the motor (for example, (48V 1000W 30amp) batteries can be used for (48V 500W 20amp) motors, on the contrary (48V 500W 20amp) Battery cannot be used for (48V 1000W 30amp) motor).Please make sure that the location where you plan to place the battery has enough space for the battery you choose.If you want to buy a long box battery similar to Hailong battery, you need to understand the difference of each long box battery in more detail. The following content is introduced in detail.Our battery has no technical barriers, it can be used for most motors.

36V/48V 36V/48V/52V 36V/48V/52V 36V/48V/52V/60V/72V 36V/48V

Maximum current
20amp/25amp 20amp/30amp/40amp/50amp 20amp/30amp 20amp/30amp/40amp/50amp 20amp/30amp

10AH/13AH 20AH 10AH/13AH/15AH/20AH 10AH/15AH/20AH 13AH/15AH

100W-1000W 100W-2000W 100W-1200W 100W-3000W 100W-1400W

Warehouse location
United States/Canada United States/Canada United States/Canada United States/Canada United States

waterproof level

Battery cell grade


BMS Intelligent protection chip

√Balance function√Overcharge protection√Overcurrent protection√Short circuit protection√Overvoltage protection√Temperature protection√Over discharge protection√Reverse charging protectionWhen the battery is fully charged, it will automatically stop charging. But do not keep connecting the charger for more than 24 hours.

Conditions for the correct installation of hailong batteries.




The position of the threaded hole of the tripod

The distance between the bottom threaded hole and the end of the frame

Mounting plate threaded hole

The distance between the bottom threaded hole and the end of the mounting plate

Conditions that must be met

The distance between the bottom threaded hole of the tripod fram and the end of the tripod fram must be greater than the distance between the bottom threaded hole of the mounting plate and the end of the mounting plate.If this condition cannot be achieved, the hailong battery cannot be correctly installed on the tripod fram.

The difference between the four batteries.





Hailong-1 has a smaller size and lighter weight.No USB plug

Compared with Hailong-3 battery case, there are fewer installation restrictions. mount base plate adopts more holes design for easier installtion.No USB plug

Hailong-3&Hailong-3B are almost the same, only the discharge plug of the mounting plate is different.Hailong-3&Hailong-3B have USB plugs that can charge mobile devices.With USB plug

Hailong upgraded 52V battery with built-in safety bracket!No USB plug

Series and parallel (number of cells),Battery energy (WH) ,Battery weight

36V10AH 10S4P(Total of 40 battery cells),360WH , Battery weight=8.4lb(3.8KG) 36V13AH 10S5P(Total of 50 battery cells),450WH, Battery weight=8.6lb(3.9kg) 36V15AH 10S6P(Total of 60 battery cells),540WH, Battery weight=8.8lb(4KG) 48V10AH 13S4P(Total of 52 battery cells),480WH, Battery weight=9.6lb(4.35KG) 48V13AH 13S5P(Total of 65 battery cells),600WH, Battery weight=10lb(4.55KG) 52V13AH 14S5P(Total of 70 battery cells),650WH, Battery weight=10.4lb(4.65KG) Battery capacity(AH) 1AH=1000mAH,Battery energy :WH=Volt✕AH. for example,Energy of 48V10AH (WH)=48V✕10AH=480WH Battery energy (WH) “AH”&‘WH’does not affect the matching of the battery and the motor. It only determines the mileage of the electric bicycle battery. The greater the WH, the longer the mileag.(WH=Volt✕AH) Applicability The battery can fit most motor kits, for example: Bafang, Voilamart, but exclude these four : Bosch, SHIMANO, Yamaha, Panasonic .

【Parameter】36V 10AH, maximum constant discharge current 20A.▶Weight:6.2lb(2.9KG).▶It can be recharged more than 800 times and the life span can reach 5 years.▶Discharge port: Anderson (We can provide you with adapters for free, such as XT60, XT90, etc.).
【Applicable motors】 Suitable for all brands of 36V 100W-550W motors including Bafang motors (such as 36V 250W, 36V 300W, 36V 350W, 36V 500W, etc.), including electric bicycle motors, electric tricycle motors, etc. it can be Installed on the rear frame or somewhere can fix the position of the battery.
【Warehouse location】▶ US warehouse: California. ▶Canadian warehouse: British Columbia. ▶European warehouse: UK and Germany.
【Excellent quality】Made of A-grade 18650 battery cells (A-grade is the best), and have passed UL, CE, MSDS, RoHS national safety certifications.▶ Equipped with BMS protection board to prevent overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, and short circuit to ensure long life.

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QWW 36V 10AH Electric Bicycle Lithinum ion Battery Pack for 100W – 700W Motor Kit with Charge
QWW 36V 10AH Electric Bicycle Lithinum ion Battery Pack for 100W – 700W Motor Kit with Charge


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