Ride1UP Dropped The DRT (Dirt) Edition Of The Revv 1

Motor and battery

To give the Revv 1 DRT the kind of muscle it will need to perform offroad, Ride1UP chose the Bafang G0F4.1000 brushless, geared hub motor. This is a 52V, 1000W motor that produces a powerful 95Nm of torque.

Powering the 1000W motor is a 20Ah, 52V lithium-ion battery with Samsung cells that will provide 1040Wh of capacity. The battery is composed of Samsung cells and is certified to UL 2271.

The Ride1UP Revv 1 DRT ships as a Class 2 e-bike with a maximum pedal-assist and throttle speed of 20 mph. It can be unlocked for Class 3 speeds (up to 28 mph max) or set to “off-road mode” which eliminates the speed restriction. In off-road mode, the Ride1UP Revv 1 DRT will be legal to ride only at Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) areas.

Ride1UP estimates riders will see a range of between 30 and 60 mi. with the existing versions of the Revv 1. To get toward the upper range, a rider will have to be willing to pedal and confine their speed to below 20 mph, which can seem like the opposite of what you’re going for with an e-bike like this. Riders planning to go offroad can expect to see more modest range numbers as knobby tires see greater rolling resistance.


Details in the press release are a little thin, but the parts pick looks to be nearly identical to the spec of the Ride1UP Revv 1. Based on what we see, we believe that the Ride1UP Revv 1 DRT shares the same 720mm-wide, 120mm-rise handlebar. It also appears to share the same 45mm, 6-degree-rise stem.

With the existing Revv 1, which is geared toward road riding, thanks in part due to low-profile-tread tires, the alloy fenders are mounted close to the tires, something that would pose a problem with muddy riding. With the Revv 1 DRT, the alloy fenders are mounted away from the knobby tires to make sure they can’t pack up with mud.

Drivetrain, brakes and wheels

Like most e-mopeds we’ve seen, the Ride1UP Revv 1 DRT comes with a single-speed drivetrain. The reason for this is that Ride1UP figures that most riders will throttle their way around, pedaling only when it’s really necessary. While the bench seat isn’t as wide as some we’ve seen, it’s wide enough to make pedaling a bit awkward. The thinking goes that if you’re not pedaling much, there’s no need for a multi-gear drivetrain because the rider isn’t going to have any trouble making it uphill, or reaching top speed.

Judging from photos, the Ride1UP Revv 1 DRT seems to be spec’d with the same 4-piston LBN brakes paired with 203mm rotors for effective stopping, even when at speed. The brake levers include automatic cutoff switches, which are important to keep the brakes from fighting the motor, should you begin braking before releasing the throttle.

Rounding out the moto-style ride are the 20 x 4-in. Innova tires. They feature large blocks that will offer great traction in soft conditions, whether muddy or dry.

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