Salsa Cycles Introduces New E-Bikes

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Salsa has introduced two different models, each in four builds.

Salsa Cycles Introduces New E-BikesSalsa Cycles Introduces New E-Bikes

Salsa Cycles, one of the original mountain bike brands, has introduced several new e-bikes ahead of the 2024 Sea Otter Classic. The Moraine and the Notch are two new eMTBs, while the Confluence and the Tributary are new gravel e-bikes.

Both eMTBs feature split pivot suspension designs. The Moraine is a trail e-bike made to be versatile across lots of different terrain, while the Notch is an enduro e-bike, meant for aggressive riders. Both eMTBs comes in two different builds and start at $4999.

The Confluence features an aluminum frame and carbon fiber fork and uses a Mahle 250W, 40Nm hub motor. A 250Wh internal battery powers the hub, which Salsa estimates can offer riders up to 45 mi. of range per charge. The Confluence comes in four different builds—two with a flat bar and two with a drop bar—ranging from $2499 up to $3499.

The Tributary is meant for riders looking for adventure. The aluminum frame is built with a Bosch Performance Line Speed mid-drive motor, producing 250W and 85Nm of torque to yield a Class 3 gravel e-bike with a maximum assist speed of 28 mph. A 625Wh Bosch internal battery powers the system. The Tributary comes in both 1x and 2x configurations and two of the four builds are equipped with a suspension fork for those B roads that were last maintained in the Eisenhower administration. The Tributary comes in four different builds beginning at $5499.

Salsa is known for its broad array of mountain and gravel bikes, some of which are especially popular with the bikepacking and touring set. These new e-bikes, particularly the Tributary, offer riders a nearly unlimited adventure pallet.

Riders looking for designs that will allow them to tour on- or off-road will find the array of rack and bag mounts on the Confluence and Tributary to make for long-distance dreaming.

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