Troxus Trax 30/750 Review, 2023

Electric commuter bikes are becoming increasingly popular solutions to help people avoid traffic and reach their destinations sooner (and, preferably free from sweat). One of the features that’s lacking with many is the ability to travel long distances between battery charges. This is where the Troxus Trax 30/750 rolls in, with its super sized 30 amp-hour battery that can take you farther than before.

The Trax is priced a little higher than other commuter e-bikes, with the 30/750 currently priced a little higher than other commuter e-bikes, but that’s because Troxus uses higher quality components on this bike, including battery, suspension, gearing and tires.

First, the 30Ah/1440Wh Samsung battery is almost twice the size of most other commuter e-bike batteries. This gives you more rides in between battery charges, and helps the battery last longer. Troxus claims that after 1000 charges this battery should still have 80% of its capacity. We like having this bigger battery because we’d rather ride more and charge less.

Another great feature is the powerful Bafang 750W hub motor, generating 75 Nm of max motor torque for advanced acceleration and hearty hill climbs. The thumb throttle easily provides on-demand acceleration and power control. The motor runs smoothly and is not noisy like some of the other motors we’ve tested.

Gearing using the Shimano Acera 8-speed, with 12-32T cassette and 46T chainring worked great with the motor, pedal assist and rider pedaling. We encountered a slight bit of ghost pedaling, but that was only when we reached 27 mph on a flat road.

Complementing the easy mount step through frame, the seat posture and handlebar are designed to give good ergonomics for riding comfort. If you are a fan of the Dutch-style bike then you will likely appreciate how this bike feels when you ride it, including the 14° sweep back handlebar. Simple adjustments on the seatpost, stem, and seat rail enables riders to properly size this bike for safe and comfortable riding.

The Suntour SR suspension seatpost makes longer rides more doable, helping absorb the bumps, ruts and vibrations from the roads and trails. When you first sit down on the Trax, try bouncing up and down on the seat. You will notice how much cushion and recoil this offers, and will likely get you excited about going for a ride – it did that to me.

The precision welding on the frame adds to the overall look as a well-built and cleanly designed bike. This bike is available in three different sizes which accommodates riders who are 4’10” to 6’1”. Troxus also offers other versions of the Trax, at a lower price, with smaller batteries, a smaller motor, and more primitive suspension.

These are some great features to have on a commuter e-bike, but how did they help with the bike’s performance? The answers can be found in the next section below.

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