Velotric T1 ST E-Bike Review, 2023

While we didn’t quite reach the 52-mile maximum range advertised by Velotric, we found the results of our Range Test to be completely respectable. Using the process described in the graphic above, we measured between 24.9 and 45.8 miles in Turbo Mode and Eco Mode from the T1 ST’s 350W rear-hub motor and 353 watt-hour (Wh) battery.

Compared to similar city/urban e-bikes we have tested, the T1 ST gave a relatively average performance with the maximum amount of output in Turbo Mode. However, with the minimum level of pedal assistance in Eco Mode, its results were decidedly on the high end! After we reviewed other e-bikes from Velotric, we learned that they custom-tune their motors for efficiency, so this was not surprising.

Considering that a huge number of factors affect range (rider weight, terrain, pedaling intensity/speed, etc), our results were close enough to Velotric’s advertised range to say that their claims are valid. Being one of our heavier riders, my weight likely reduced our range measurably, as did the topography of our test course. I gained roughly 800 feet of elevation over the course of the Eco Mode test, which required more energy from the battery than a test on a flat course would have (brands often advertise by best-case scenario with a lightweight rider on flat ground).

Regardless of its relatively average placement in Turbo Mode, the T1 ST proved more efficient than expected. Based on the bike’s motor/battery specs and Speed Test results, we estimated the battery would expire after an hour – and around 20 miles. In actuality, we measured 42% more time (1 hour and 25 minutes) and 24.5% greater distance.

Ultimately, we were pleased with the T1 ST’s results; in addition to being average to better-than-average, the amount of time and distance we measured from a single charge is likely to accommodate a long commute across town or a series of shorter, more local trips. Additionally, if the battery should run out of juice on the way, the T1 ST proved easy to pedal without the motor, so making it to your destination should still be comfortable and easy.

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