Best Electric Cargo Bikes 2023

The GSD is a well-rounded, vibrant-looking cargo e-bike from Tern. The lively visuals mixed with a high-end fourth-generation Bosch Cargo Line motor capable of 85 Nm of torque make for a fun-to-ride, capable cargo e-bike that’s just as much fun as it is useful. There are lots of options for accessories on the GSD, creating somewhat of a “plug and play” experience.

Despite the GSD being slightly smaller in size than some of its competitors, it still holds its own with a 440 lb maximum payload. The GSD is still able to fit riders up to 6’5” thanks to its telescopic seat post, high-rise handlebars, and updated frame geometry.

Tern didn’t just build the GSD to perform, they built it to last. From the reinforced tubing to the Atlas Wheels and Lockstand (kickstand), stability and durability is very prevalent on the Tern GSD.

Tern seemed to think of just about everything when designing the GSD, the componentry and design intuition are truly impressive to me, and you really get what you pay for. The GSD possesses some premium componentry that isn’t very common to see.

Take the geared Rohloff Speedhub for example. This hub offers a 526% gear range, and automatically shifts to an easier gear when you slow down to a stop. The Tern GSD also uses a belt drive transmission, which is lower maintenance and longer lasting than a lot of chain & cassette setups. The list of quality components goes on and on, from the Magura MT5 hydraulic disc brakes to the Shimano Deore groupset it’s all quality.

I see the GSD as the embodiment of an electric cargo bike, the durability, power, gear range and long-lasting battery make for a phenomenal combination. The GSD is available in four models, ranging from $5000 to $9000 in price. While even the lowest cost variation is by no means cheap, it’s good to have a couple of options to choose from.

I see the GSD being good for cargo carriers and family outings alike. There aren’t a lot of e-bikes that can live a double life quite like the GSD is able to. This is an example of a cargo e-bike that isn’t confined to one specific style of cargo riding.

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