iGo Discovery Yorkville LE Review

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A comfortable commuter e-bike with great range and a host of high-quality components.

Like the other models in its Discover Series, the iGo Yorkville LE is a serious commuter e-bike! The LE is Bluetooth-enabled and comes equipped with a 500W rear hub motor and an impressive 48V, 720 Wh battery. The reviewers at Electric Bike Report tested the bike’s range, speed, braking power, and hill-climbing ability to evaluate its performance. We relay our findings in this iGo Yorkville LE review!

Range is undoubtedly a key factor here; we were blown away by the 70+ miles achieved in our testing! Such an extended capability should allow riders to tackle their morning commute across multiple days without worrying about running out of juice. When comparing the Yorkville LE to similar bikes, it knocked our socks off!

We liked the Yorkville LE’s smooth and quick motor engagement thanks to its responsive cadence sensor, and its five PAS settings span a range of customization. Riders looking to put in their own legwork can keep the motor assistance low, but commuters heading out the door a few minutes late can kick things up to Boost mode to cover a lot of ground quickly.

A host of brand-name parts lends the bike an air of dependability; the bike uses a Shimano Acera drivetrain, a Bafang motor, Tektro brakes, etc. This full complement of quality parts reduces the likelihood of surprise maintenance and in many cases, gives a boost to performance!

To read more about the bike, scroll down to see our full iGo Yorkville LE review!

Bike Category:Commuter

Class 2 E-Bike:Throttle and pedal assist up to 20 mph (can be unlocked to a Class 3 with pedal assist up to 28 mph)

iGo Discovery Yorkville LE Video Review

  • Fantastic range! iGo’s advertised range of up to 69 miles was supported by our testing and one of the best performances we’ve seen from a commuter e-bike with a 500W motor.
  • Responsive motor engagement due to a sensitive cadence sensor.
  • Reliability! The Yorkville uses quality name-brand components across the board.
  • A comfortable, customizable ride. The bike has a quick-adjust stem to tailor its handlebar height, reach, etc. and the front suspension fork smooths out dips and bumps.
  • A unique, easy-to-read display. We especially liked that it was color-coded in each PAS setting, but its range of display options was great too!
  • Good handling thanks to its 27.5” tires and ergonomic grips.
  • Can be unlocked to Class 3 mode through the iGo Ride app! We prefer the ability to travel up to 28 mph when riding alongside other vehicles on a commuter bike.
  • Commuter-friendly accessories! The bike has practical extras like fenders, lights, a chain guard, and a rear cargo rack.
  • Two trim options! The Yorkville LS is priced higher than the LE but includes a mid-drive motor.
  • We liked the Yorkville’s speed/power distribution in higher PAS settings, but we’d like to see a bit more from Eco mode.
  • The Yorkville LE has a good visual design helped by a fully integrated battery, but we’d appreciate seeing more color options for a bike in this price range.


  • Battery : 5000mAh SAMSUNG cell, removable with security lock (48V, 15Ah, 720Wh)
  • Display: 2” HD High Brightness IPS Color LCD Display
  • Motor: iGO DRIVE LE 500W (750W peak) geared rear hub motor, 48V
  • Headlight: Front LED light XC-259A
  • Taillights: SPANNINGA LED Commuter Glow XE with brake light Integrated into rear rack
  • Pedal Assist: Eco/Tour/Sport/Turbo/Boost color coded per PAS level
  • Range: 69 miles
  • Throttle:On-Demand, Removable
  • App:iGo Ride

Weight & Dimensions

  • Claimed weight: 64.8 lbs
  • Total payload capacity: 275 lbs
  • Maximum load on rear rack: 55 lbs

Components & Accessories

  • Brakes: TEKTRO HDE350 Hydraulic Disc w/ 180 mm rotors
  • Fenders: Included
  • Fork: RST VOLANT 700C, 80mm travel, lockout with quick release
  • Frame: Hydroformed Alloy, 27.5 Hybrid ERGOFIT frame
  • Drivetrain: SHIMANO ACERA 8-speed w/ 42T chainring and 11-32T cassette
  • Grips: VELO, Ergonomic, 135mm
  • Saddle: SELLE ROYAL Rio
  • Handlebar: 640mm, 16mm rise, 31.8mm dia.
  • Kickstand: Included
  • Pedals: Wellgo Pedals
  • Tires: CHAOYANG 27.5”x2.4”
iGo Discovery Yorkville LE E-Bike Review 2023iGo Discovery Yorkville LE E-Bike Review 2023

Whether riding on paved trails or streets, the Yorkville LE provides a smooth and comfortable ride.

iGO Discovery Yorkville LE motoriGO Discovery Yorkville LE motor

The 500W rear hub motor on our test bike was made by Bafang.

iGO Discovery Yorkville LE batteryiGO Discovery Yorkville LE battery

The 720 Wh battery is cleanly integrated into the sizable down tube.

iGo Discovery Yorkville LE Review: Speed Test

The graphic above shows the results of our Speed Test of the iGo Yorkville LE in Class 2 mode; we measured speeds between 11 miles per hour in Eco mode up to the Class 2 maximum of 20 miles per hour in Boost mode. Overall, its speeds/assistance levels were generally well distributed across its five pedal assist system (PAS) settings, with some tapering off in the higher settings; this is consistent with other e-bikes that have the ability to be unlocked to Class 3 mode.

In the lowest setting, Eco mode, we measured only a slight increase in speed when compared with just our own leg power. For this reason, we’d prefer to see the output of this setting bumped up and balanced out with the others to make it more practical.

The motor’s contribution was much more noticeable moving up from there, with gradual increases in speed and power. The major difference we noticed between Turbo and Boost modes was the force of acceleration; Boost mode rocketed us off the starting line and carried us over 20 mph before easing off and backing down to that limit again.

Unlocked to Class 3 mode, there seemed to be a slight increase in Turbo mode’s speed from Class 2 mode, but most of the difference we observed was in Boost mode. Personally, I did not ever quite reach 28 miles per hour, but I felt comfortable cruising where the bike topped off at around 26.5 mph. It’s worth pointing out that the bike ghost pedals in this setting, but considering how well it performed in Class 2 mode, I personally didn’t mind much.

The Yorkville LE’s rear hub motor felt appropriate for a bike of its size; a weight of roughly 65 lbs is not light, but also not typically difficult to move with 500 watts of nominal output. The 48V battery system allowed the motor to draw power quickly and provide the strong acceleration we experienced in Boost mode. That said, its output felt somewhat toned down when compared to some of the similar e-bikes we’ve tested previously.

iGo Discovery Yorkville LE E-Bike Review 2023iGo Discovery Yorkville LE E-Bike Review 2023

The bike looks great in black, but we would prefer to see a few other color options available in each configuration/trim package.

iGO Discovery Yorkville LE cassetteiGO Discovery Yorkville LE cassette

A 9-speed Shimano Acera drivetrain felt like a solid upgrade from the lower-tier systems we often see on many other e-bikes.

iGO Discovery Yorkville LE tire treadiGO Discovery Yorkville LE tire tread

27.5” x 2.4” Chaoyang street tires provided stability and good handling on paved surfaces.

iGo Discovery Yorkville LE Review: Range Test

With its 48V, 720 watt-hour (Wh) battery and the bike’s 500W motor, the Yorkville LE struck gold in terms of its range. iGo advertises a range of up to 69 miles with a power source of this capacity, but the bike achieved even better results in our Range Tests (explained in the graphic above.) We measured a bracket of roughly 40 and 72 miles depending on PAS setting – but after evaluating our test data, the bike has the potential to go beyond even that.

Brands often calculate their advertised range based on ideal conditions: riding on flat ground in clear weather and in the lowest PAS setting. Our testing was performed in a real-world environment; we ride on a network of bike paths in most weather conditions (usually very good this time of year) and over quite a few hills. In both of our tests, we gained over 1,250 feet of elevation – so on flat ground, we likely would have had even better results.

In terms of efficiency, the Yorkville LE performed well; based on the motor and battery specs, we anticipated that our Boost mode test would last roughly an hour and a half. We were able to travel for just over two hours, so the bike ended up being 33% more efficient than expected.

Compared to similar commuter e-bikes with 500W rear-hub motors we tested previously, the Yorkville LE gave one of the best low-PAS performances we’ve seen yet! For perspective, even its max-PAS results were great – its roughly 40 miles matched the high end of the bracket on a handful of those other models.

iGo Discovery Yorkville LE Review: Hill Test

In our Hill Test (explained in the graphic above), the iGo Yorkville LE gave a solid effort and was able to conquer Hell Hole Trail both with just its throttle and when pedaling in Boost mode. As shown above, the bike climbed in 1 minute and 41 seconds at an average of 10.7 mph using its throttle, and 1 minute and 19 seconds at 13.7 mph in Boost mode.

These results place the Yorkville roughly in the middle of the pack when compared to similar commuter-style e-bikes we tested, and is largely related to its motor’s torque rating. The motor’s 55 Newton-meters (Nm) of torque is in the expected range for a city or commuter e-bike, but also falls far short of the 80-90 (or higher) Nm we often see on more robust 750W motors on fat tire e-bikes. As such, commuter e-bikes typically aren’t the best hill climbers, but they usually have enough muscle to get the job done effectively.

That is exactly what we found with the Yorkville LE. In my own personal testing, I rode the bike up an intimidating hill near the EBR office using just its throttle, as this is the best test of the motor’s raw ability. Our max-assist trials typically show much faster times and speeds. With its throttle, the bike slowed significantly – but in a steep section where I expected it to struggle, it surprised me by continuing to power onward confidently.

Ultimately, the Yorkville LE is a capable machine, especially in Boost mode. Its other PAS settings offer an appreciable level of assistance, but as I stated in the Speed Test section of this iGo Yorkville review, they can feel somewhat limited in comparison.

iGo Discovery Yorkville LE E-Bike Review 2023iGo Discovery Yorkville LE E-Bike Review 2023

Kiss your range anxiety goodbye; this bike covered over 70 miles in our testing!

iGO Discovery Yorkville LE brake frontiGO Discovery Yorkville LE brake front

Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with 180 mm rotors provided good stopping power.

iGO Discovery Yorkville LE drivetrainiGO Discovery Yorkville LE drivetrain

We always welcome the inclusion of a chain guard! Mess-free pants are a win if you’re traveling to and from work.

iGo Discovery Yorkville LE Review: Brake Test

The Yorkville LE is equipped with Tektro E350 hydraulic disc brakes with 180 mm rotors, which we evaluated through our Brake Test (described above). Overall, the bike performed decently with these brakes; we measured an average stopping distance of 24’-4”.

This is somewhat slower than expected for the specific make, model, and type of brakes that they are – however, it’s still within our range of expected results. More importantly, I consider these results to still be indicative of a safe and appropriately-specced system.

So why did the Yorkville not perform quite as well as expected? I think the brakes could have used a little tuning-up before our test. Overall, though, the bike handled well when braking; I noticed some slight fishtailing and of course some squealing from the tires, but nothing out of the ordinary.

iGo Discovery Yorkville LE Review: Ride Quality

I was very pleased with the ride quality of the iGo Yorkville LE; as a commuter e-bike, it’s made for comfortable riding over longer distances, and I think it succeeds.

The bike comes only in a single frame size and color, which I was slightly disappointed about considering its price range, but the adjustable stem and saddle allow it to be adapted to riders between a decent range of 5’-2” to 6’-2”. As someone nearing the top end of that range, I was able to adjust the stem to be nearly vertical. This gave me a comfortable riding position with good visibility.

While I wasn’t the largest fan of the press-fit faux leather grips (they had no clamps to lock them in place, so they moved around a lot), I did like that they were meaty enough for my large hands to be comfortable holding them. These, along with the slightly ergonomic, low-rise handlebars, also helped to give the bike good maneuverability; I was able to use them as leverage points to help me steer and add an extra layer of nimbleness. The handlebars did feel slightly narrow for me, but riders with a narrower frame should not have a problem.

I appreciated the Selle Royal Rio saddle, it was a good shape with a good balance of support and squish. The 27.5” x 2.4” Chaoyang street tires felt stable and their tread gripped well. The bike’s RST Volant suspension fork was a highlight, too; its compression felt more adaptive and fluid than I’m used to.

iGO Discovery Yorkville LE front fenderiGO Discovery Yorkville LE front fender

The RST Volant suspension fork on our test bike had 80 mm of travel to smooth out the ride.

iGO Discovery Yorkville LE cockpitiGO Discovery Yorkville LE cockpit

Ergonomically-swept handlebars and grips helped to make our testing comfortable and enjoyable!

iGO Discovery Yorkville LE stem adjustmentiGO Discovery Yorkville LE stem adjustment

We appreciate seeing an adjustable stem to fit riders of different heights with their own positioning preferences.

iGO Discovery Yorkville LE saddleiGO Discovery Yorkville LE saddle

The bike’s Selle Royal Rio saddle was comfortable, and seemed to fit the bike well in both look and feel.

Another element that I enjoyed about the Yorkville LE was its Shimano Acera drivetrain; many of the e-bikes I have tested have lower-tier Altus or Tourney systems. The difference in quality was noticeable, and the Acera setup provided a wide enough gearing range for the bike’s PAS system (at least in Class 2 mode – I did encounter ghost pedaling in Class 3/Boost mode). It also just felt smoother and more robust than the lower-tier components.

The bike’s user interface was notable as well. The control panel with integrated color LCD was mounted on the left handlebar, and featured large, easy-to-press buttons and a screen that didn’t overwhelm me with too much information. It is color-coded in each PAS setting, so it was easy for me to check my level at a glance. I also appreciated the fact that it displayed unique information such as the percentage of the ride I spent in each PAS setting.

Finally, the iGo Ride app is worth mentioning. It felt somewhat clunky overall; for example, changing PAS setting required three button presses each time. But the app is the only method to adjust the bike to Class 3 mode, so it is essential for riders who want to unlock the bike. Still, I like seeing it included and it can be improved over time so it’s a plus with upside.

iGo Discovery Yorkville LE Review: Summary / Where to Buy

The iGo Yorkville LE impressed me with its capabilities as a commuter e-bike; it was strongest in the areas it most needed to be – namely in range and comfort.

The bike performed spectacularly in our Range Test with the Tour mode result of nearly 72 miles; this alone makes the Yorkville a worthy choice for a daily ride to and from work. Additionally, we always appreciate the ability to travel up to 28 mph on a commuter e-bike for the sake of safety, and the inclusion of a throttle is another helpful feature when crossing intersections. The bike’s performance was solid considering its specs, and with a complement of quality parts, the Yorkville should fulfill its duties effectively for a significant amount of time.

Of the few elements we’d prefer to see improvement on, the bike’s power in Eco mode was the most significant. The other PAS settings were well-balanced, but Eco mode lacked noticeable power, so we’d prefer to see a boost in that setting with a re-balancing of the others. Additionally, considering the bike’s price of over $2,000, we’d also appreciate seeing a few more color options aside from the standard black.

In conclusion, I think the Yorkville LE would be a great fit for riders looking to travel long distances and who might want a high degree of customization over the feel of their ride. It fills its role as a commuter e-bike excellently, but it would also be great for longer, more casual weekend or evening rides.

If I’m honest, I’m looking forward to seeing more from iGo!

Happy Riding! Make sure to let us know if you have any questions down in our comments section or if you think we left anything out in this review of the iGo Discovery Yorkville LE.

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