Best Electric Hunting Bikes – 2023

The ultimate goal of technology is to make difficult tasks easier, and one of the best practical applications for e-bikes might be the all-American pastime of hunting. The list of benefits is long, but hunters using e-bikes can conserve energy, access more remote locations, and haul heavy loads of gear or game more easily than on foot. Many e-bikes even come purpose-made for hunting with cargo racks and camouflage color schemes!

Amongst our list of the best elctric hunting bikes are some e-bike brands that deal semi-exclusively in e-bikes for hunters, fishers, and overlanders. They have a wide assortment of accessories and add-ons to maximize your efforts during the season. You can also find some quality-built e-bike options made with more general off-roading purposes in mind that can make a significant impact on your hunting experience, without impacting your wallet too much.

So what differentiates a top hunting e-bike from the pack? Many factors are involved, but these electric bikes tend to have powerful motors for tackling tough terrain as well as high-capacity batteries to support the increased power required for off-road riding with large amounts of weight. They usually have large tires with aggressive tread and at least some sort of suspension to make off-road riding more comfortable. Many also include cargo racks for carrying game or gear between the truck and the tree stand.

Before we discuss the benefits of hunting e-bikes further – and reveal Electric Bike Report’s picks for the best electric bikes for hunting – there are a few important things to consider when buying an e-bike for hunting.

First, while hunters are free to use e-bikes as they wish on their own private land, agencies like the US Forest Service (USFS) and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) have restrictions that limit the areas where these vehicles can be operated. It’s important to properly and thoroughly research the laws and regulations governing e-bikes in the areas you plan to hunt.

The second caveat is in regards to our thorough e-bike reviews; we perform range tests on every e-bike we evaluate to determine the distance most riders should expect to travel on a single charge. There are a host of factors that affect range, but hunters hauling a lot of gear, towing a trailer with their prize, or riding over extremely difficult terrain should expect significantly less range than we achieved in our testing – it’s best to make conservative estimates, or spring for upgraded or additional batteries.

Those two points of consideration aside, electric bikes have many additional benefits to help you blaze a faster trail to your next 12-point buck. With sound and scent being some of the most important factors when hunting, e-bikes make minimal noise and emit no odor, giving them distinct advantages over gas-powered ATVs or UTVs. Whether using e-bikes to scout potential hunting areas or travel to an established location faster, for for the relief they can provide to aging hunters with physical limitations. E-bikes can also help hunters to avoid overheating and sweating, which can quickly lead to shivering in the colder months.

Without further ado, here are the nine e-bikes we consider to be the best electric bikes for hunting!

Our Picks for the Best Electric Bikes for Hunting of 2023

The Best Electric Bikes for Hunting with Mid-Drive Motors

The Best Electric Bikes for Hunting with Rear-Hub Motors

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