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An incredibly comfortable Dutch-style commuter bike with a natural ride feel and great range!

Dutch-style e-bikes are known for providing a fun, comfortable, and leisurely ride – but not all have the flexibility to ride on paved and unpaved surfaces, or the ability to adapt to their rider’s effort! Enter the Euphree City Robin X+, a classic-looking cruiser with some attitude! We explore the bike’s specs, components, and real-world performance in this Euphree City Robin X+ review!

If we were to make a list of the most comfortable bikes we’ve tested, the City Robin would undoubtedly find itself near the top. It comes standard with ride-smoothing features like a Suntour suspension fork and seatpost, a plush Velo saddle, and ergonomic handlebars with faux leather grips. These features – and plenty of little extras – added up to provide a luxury feel that we found highly impressive.

Even better, it includes a 500W rear-hub motor and torque sensor to deliver pedal assistance that responds and adapts naturally to match the rider’s effort. In our testing, this meant that we got more power when pedaling harder, and that the motor relaxed if we wanted a more casual ride. We think cyclists will enjoy the resulting pleasant and dynamic ride.

Commuters looking for a reliable ride to work will also be pleased to note the City Robin X+’s great range! Euphree advertises an estimated range of up to 60 miles, but we exceeded this claim in our testing.

Read our Euphree City Robin X+ review below for more details about this comfortable Dutch-style cruiser!

Bike Category:Cruiser/Commuter

Class 3 E-Bike:Pedal assist up to 28 mph (throttle can be activated during setup)

Euphree City Robin X+ Video Review

  • Comfort is king with the City Robin X+! We enjoyed a smooth, leisurely ride thanks to its Dutch styling and Suntour suspension fork and seatpost.
  • The motor’s output adapts to the rider’s effort thanks to a torque sensor. There’s also an Auto-Assist feature for a “set it and forget it” experience.
  • Solid range! We achieved results beyond Euphree’s estimated range of 60 miles.
  • Included security features like a key-operated cafe wheel lock and a passcode on startup.
  • Great handling and traction due to the 27.5”x2.125” hybrid tires that are flexible enough for light dirt riding.
  • Lots of quality components: a Bafang motor, Samsung battery cells, Tektro brakes, Kenda tires, and more!
  • Fits a wide range of riders (5’ to 6’-1”) with a single frame size thanks to an adjustable stem.
  • It’s subjective, but we loved the classic Dutch styling with glossy paint in unique color options.
  • We appreciated the initial motor engagement, but we’d like to see it re-engage faster after coasting or braking.


  • Battery : 48v, 14 Ah (672 Wh) Lithium Ion. 800 Cycles Samsung 35e Lg Cells
  • Display: Color LCD. Battery Level, Speedometer
  • Motor: Bafang Geared Rear Hub. 500w Sustained Power, 900w Peak Power. Up To 85 nm Torque
  • Controller: Euphree Custom 48v, 20 Amp.
  • Headlight: 200 Lux (sate-Lite Osram)
  • Taillights: Brake Light Signal. 220°
  • Pedal Assist: 4 Assist Levels with torque sensor
  • Range: 60 miles (estimated)
  • Throttle: Thumb throttle. Throttle on demand.
  • UL Certification: UL2271 certification of battery at present, UL certification of e-bike coming fall 2023

Weight & Dimensions

  • Claimed weight: 62 lbs
  • Rider height range: 5’-0” to 6’-1”
  • Maximum load on the rear rack: 100 lbs
  • Total payload capacity: 275 lbs

Components & Accessories

  • Brakes: Tektro E350 Hydraulic Brakes With Motor Cut Off Adjustable Levers
  • Fenders: Aluminum Matte Black
  • Fork: Sr Suntour 100 Mm Of Travel, Preload And Lockout Adjustment
  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum Frame
  • Drivetrain: 7 Speed DNP. 11-28 Tooth Gearing
  • Grips: Durable Imitation Leather Ergonomic
  • Saddle: Wide Comfort Velo Plush Saddle
  • Seatpost: Sr Suntour Ncx 350 X 27.2mm
  • Handlebar: Zoom Aluminum Alloy Hydroformed Curved
  • Kickstand: Heavy Duty Aluminum With Adj Plastic Boot
  • Pedals: Wellgo Aluminum Rubber Grips with Reflectors
  • Tires: Kenda 27.5 X 2.125″ Hybrid City And Gravel Treadline
Euphree City Robin Review 2023Euphree City Robin Review 2023

The City Robin’s ergonomic, swept-back handlebars give it relaxed handling for cruising city streets.

Euphree City Robin X+ saddle suspensionEuphree City Robin X+ saddle suspension

With a thick Velo saddle and SR Suntour suspension seatpost, the ride is remarkably comfortable.

Euphree City Robin X+ headlightEuphree City Robin X+ headlight

The cruiser-style handlebars come equipped with a throttle, a bell, faux leather grips, and a big, bright, 200-lumen headlight.

Euphree City Robin X+ Review: Speed Test

The Euphree City Robin X+ performed well in our Speed Test, where we measured its speeds at each pedal assist system (PAS) setting, as well as with no motor assistance to establish a baseline. This test allows us to evaluate the speed and power distribution between settings, and to gauge how much of a difference each setting makes.

As shown in the graphic above, I was able to pedal up to 12.3 mph with no motor assistance comfortably. This is faster than average on many other e-bikes, and in the City Robin’s case, it was largely due to the mid-weight frame (62 lbs including the battery).

The City Robin uses 4 PAS settings (Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo modes). The amount of pedal assistance in Eco mode was slight, so my speed increased to 13.4 miles per hour. I experienced much more of a boost in Tour mode, allowing me to reach 17.8 miles per hour. In Sport mode, there was an even more impactful increase, which brought me to 22.3 mph, followed by 26.1 mph using the maximum power output in Turbo mode.

In general, we were happy with the distribution of power in the City Robin’s settings. Eco mode felt slightly underpowered in comparison to the other settings, but it should be effective for riders who prefer slower speeds (or more of a workout). The distribution across the bike’s other settings was mostly even, which results in an intuitive and expected boost as riders move up in power.

Euphree City Robin Review 2023Euphree City Robin Review 2023

The City Robin comes in four color options including the cool “Rebel Blue” on our test bike.

Euphree City Robin X+ motorEuphree City Robin X+ motor

A 500W Bafang rear hub motor has a peak of 900W and a maximum of 85 Nm of torque.

Euphree City Robin X+ batteryEuphree City Robin X+ battery

The 48V, 672 Wh battery is integrated into the underside of the down tube.

It should be noted that, as the X+ model (instead of the X), this bike uses a torque sensor that allows for increased motor output as more pressure is applied to the pedals (and vice versa). For our Speed Test, we used a moderate level of effort to establish a “middle ground”; riders using less effort can expect slower speeds, while riders applying more pressure can travel faster – to a point. The City Robin X+ does limit the speed within each pedal-assist setting, which we like; this ensures that each setting feels meaningful, and it makes it easier for riders to limit their speeds if desired.

As it ships, the City Robin X+ should be a Class 3 e-bike with pedal-assisted speeds up to 28 miles per hour. The bike’s throttle should be inactive upon receipt, but users can activate it during the assembly process. Our test bike had its maximum throttle and pedal assist speeds tied together through the bike’s settings menu, but Euphree advised us that each maximum speed should be adjustable separately with new bikes beginning in October 2023.

With our test bike set to 28 mph (it shipped with a max of 26 mph), the City Robin reached its maximum speed comfortably, though with more effort than we applied during this test. Its gearing felt well-tuned for its speed capabilities, resulting in consistently productive pedaling even at its maximum.

Euphree City Robin X+ Review: Range Test

Using the process described in the graphic above, we evaluated the efficiency of the City Robin X+’s motor and battery, and the resulting effect on the bike’s range. Based on our testing, riders should expect to travel between roughly 29 and 68 miles on a single charge, depending on their chosen level of pedal assistance. Riders using only the throttle should typically expect less.

Considering that our results exceeded Euphree’s advertised range, we were highly satisfied with these results – though even our results could potentially be exceeded under the right conditions. Users who live and ride in flat areas might achieve better results; we gained between 750 and 1,600 feet of elevation in our testing, which likely decreased our overall efficiency as the motor works harder when pedaling uphill.

The bike’s torque sensor is also a factor in its range; riders pedaling with less effort use less power, and could expect to travel farther (and vice versa). We do our best to maintain a consistent, moderate level of effort to establish a baseline, but since the City Robin X+ can adapt to its rider, all users’ results will vary to some degree.

The bike’s performance in terms of efficiency was slightly better than expected. By referencing the specs of the City Robin’s 48V, 500W motor and 48V, 672 watt-hour (Wh) battery, we anticipated our test in Turbo Mode to last roughly an hour and 20 minutes. Our test rider slightly exceeded that estimate and pedaled for an hour and thirty minutes, demonstrating that the motor required less energy than suggested by the math (as explained in our guide to e-bike batteries).

Also worth mentioning is this model’s performance in relation to the 2022 City Robin. Both bikes had similar results using maximum assistance, but the 2023 model exceeded the 2022 model by nearly 10 miles when using the lowest PAS setting.

Euphree City Robin X+ Review: Hill Test

In our Hill Test, the Euphree City Robin X+ showed us that it has the raw power needed to climb even extreme hills with relative ease, regardless of whether its rider wishes to pedal or use only the throttle. It may not have broken any speed records, but the bike proved capable on a hill that has put more powerful motors to shame.

Using the process described in the graphic above, we measured a throttle time of 1 minute, 35 seconds at an average of 11.4 mph from start to finish. With added help from our test rider, Justin, those results improved to 1 minute, 29 seconds at 12.2 mph when pedaling in Turbo mode.

These results line up well with what we expected from the City Robin’s 500W motor. With a peak output of 900 watts and up to 85 Newton-meters (Nm) of torque, it certainly has the power to conquer our test location of Hell Hole Trail comfortably, but motors with higher peak output and torque can do the job faster.

Regardless, our tester enjoyed a relaxed pedaling experience that did not require a large degree of effort. And when using only the throttle, the motor did not struggle even when powering up the steepest sections of the hill.

Euphree City Robin Review 2023Euphree City Robin Review 2023

When riding the City Robin X+, we couldn’t help but feel as stylish as the bike.

Euphree City Robin X+ drivetrainEuphree City Robin X+ drivetrain

The MicroSHIFT shifter and derailleur gave the 7-speed drivetrain great responsiveness.

Euphree City Robin X+ brake frontEuphree City Robin X+ brake front

The Tektro E350 hydraulic disc brakes use dual-piston calipers on 180mm front and rear rotors.

Euphree City Robin X+ Review: Brake Test

The City Robin X+ performed well in our Brake Test, where its average stopping distance was 23’-7” as determined using the process described above. This result, while greater than the average across all commuter/cruiser-style e-bikes we have tested (currently 22’-2”), is within the range we consider safe and effective.

Based on our experiences in recent history, this performance is relatively average for the Tektro E-350 hydraulic disc brake system that the City Robin X+ is equipped with. The system uses 2-piston calipers on 180 mm rotors, and as a hydraulic setup, delivers responsive braking and good modulation or control.

Judging from my personal experiences on the City Robin, its brake performance felt appropriate for the bike’s speed and power. The calipers delivered effective bite, and the bike slowed quickly while remaining stable and traveling in a straight line – even when braking on dirt or pea gravel.

Euphree City Robin X+ Review: Ride Quality

Ride quality is where the Euphree City Robin X+ excelled, though for many more reasons than just the aforementioned comfort features. Its SR Suntour suspension fork (with 100 mm of travel) and seatpost (with 27.2 mm of travel) were defining elements, with its Velo saddle and ergonomic grips also contributing greatly to its high degree of comfort.

We appreciated the broad range of riders that the bike can fit as well; Euphree’s sizing guide states that riders between 5’-0” and 6’-1” should be comfortable. This is largely due to the bike’s adjustable stem and long seatpost, which offer 6” of adjustment in reach, 8” of adjustment in handlebar height, and 9” of variability in saddle height. At 5’-11”, I could tell I was approaching the top end of its fit range, but there was further adjustment in the bike’s adjustable stem and seatpost to accommodate slightly taller riders.

Fans of Dutch-style cruisers will not be disappointed by the City Robin X+’s upright riding position. We found it to be relaxed and comfortable, and we enjoyed the broad field of view that it granted us. An added bonus of the upright posture is that it makes the rider more visible when traveling on busy roads.

Due to the City Robin’s torque sensor, its motor output varied in a way that mimicked the feel of an analog bike, providing smooth “bursts” of power with each pedal stroke. When starting up, this made the ride feel natural and responsive – which should mean less of a learning curve for riders who haven’t used an e-bike previously. The motor engaged quickly with roughly a quarter-turn of the cranks, but we noticed that its re-engagement after coasting or applying the brakes felt somewhat more delayed.

Euphree City Robin X+ forkEuphree City Robin X+ fork

The SR Suntour suspension fork has 100mm of travel for absorbing dips, bumps, and other disruptions to the ride.

Euphree City Robin X+ bike lockEuphree City Robin X+ bike lock

The City Robin includes a wheel lock for security and peace of mind. The bike’s display can also be set to require a password.

Euphree City Robin X+ displayEuphree City Robin X+ display

The single-unit display and control panel keeps things simple but displays all necessary ride data.

Euphree City Robin X+ fender rearEuphree City Robin X+ fender rear

With a welded-on cargo rack, the City Robin can accommodate up to 100 lbs of cargo!

Motor re-engagement required a full two turns of the cranks for the motor to pick up again, which felt far less responsive than the initial delivery of pedal assistance. We enjoyed the up-front sensitivity, but we’d prefer to see the re-engagement occur faster to maintain the responsive feel.

We liked the cockpit layout of the City Robin X+; It’s straightforward and comfortable to operate. The trigger shifter is one of my personal favorites due to its ability to up- or down-shift with the same motion, and in this case, it was easy to reach from the right-hand grip. The layout of the combination LCD/control panel on the left bar was not the cleanest, but it presented an easily digestible amount of information.

The bike’s settings menu allows customization over the ride experience; in addition to adjusting the maximum throttle and pedal-assisted speeds, users can increase the number of PAS settings up to 5 (which adds a second level to Turbo Mode) or change the startup intensity for more or less power and torque.

I especially liked one of the more unique features within the settings menu: there is an option to put the City Robin into an “Auto-Assist” mode that removes the need to adjust PAS settings. Instead, this mode automatically increases the level of assistance as higher speeds are reached. I haven’t personally encountered this feature on another e-bike, and while it’s not perfect in terms of feel, it’s a useful tool for riders looking for a simpler, more intuitive experience.

The Auto-Assist feature is one of many small additions that combined to push the Euphree City Robin X+ into a tier above many of the similar commuter/cruiser-style e-bikes we’ve tested. Things like the included key-operated wheel lock, the welded-on cargo rack with a 100-lb cargo capacity, and even the quality of the brass bell on the right handlebar. These are things that we don’t often see on a base model, and in short, they make a real difference.

Euphree City Robin X+ Review: Summary / Where to Buy

If I had to summarize the Euphree City Robin X+ with three words, I would describe it as comfortable, capable, and versatile. I’ve discussed the comfort factors at length, but this truly is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable e-bikes I’ve had the pleasure of testing.

In terms of capability, our testing proved that the bike can handle speed, it can stop effectively, it can climb daunting inclines, and it can cover a lot of ground. We’d like to see the motor re-engage more responsively after coasting or braking, but from a broader perspective, the City Robin gets everything else right.

The versatility aspect of the bike was unexpected, but the City Robin X+ rode well on paved and unpaved surfaces alike. It’s not a bike that lends itself to any sort of dedicated off-roading, but it can handle crossing a dirt lot or cruising down an unpaved alley. With 100 lbs of cargo capacity, it makes a great errand-runner. And with its torque sensor, it can adapt to speed riding just as easily as a leisurely pace.

In short, the Euphree City Robin X+ is a great all-around e-bike! We recommend it for commuters traveling busy streets to and from work just as much as we do for casual evening or weekend riders looking for a relaxing way to unwind. With a full package of great features and a remarkable level of comfort, this bike gets a solid two thumbs up!

Happy Riding! Make sure to let us know if you have any questions down in our comments section or if you think we left anything out in this review of the Euphree City Robin X+.

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