Denago Cruiser 1 Step-Thru Review

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An ultra-affordable cruiser that uses simple design for classic look with easy-to-ride appeal

There was something rather refreshing about the Dengao Cruiser 1 Step-Thru we were sent in to review. Cruiser electric bikes tend to be heavier and cost more than comparable urban bikes, which begs the question: where do you find a cruiser that’s lighter and costs less? Well, Denago was aiming to provide one with their Cruiser 1 ST, a classic looking electric bike based on a simple design and a scaled down collection of components that keep this bike’s price competitive at just over $1000.

One of the keys to this bike’s appeal is its simplicity. Cruisers, by nature, are designed to provide riders comfort and ease in controlling the bike so they can focus. And a simple design means fewer parts to maintain and service.

Denago skipped on over-the-top frills that require more maintenance and adjusting not only to keep the price down but to also align with cruising’s “keep it simple” motto. If you’re someone who just wants to ride, and not worry about technical stuff, then the Cruiser 1 probably fits your riding style.

Along with a simple design, the Cruiser 1 has an attractive look, too. The overall design carries the quintessential look of cruisers from the past. However, the Cruiser 1 Step-Thru is not just about good looks and leisurely ride, we’ll cover the important parts to consider – performance and quality – in the our in-depth Denago Cruiser 1 ST review below.

Bike Category:Cruiser

Class 2 E-Bike:Throttle and pedal assist up to 20 mph.

Denago Cruiser 1 Video Review

  • Ideal for the rider who wants a low cost cruiser with a simple design and classic look.
  • Classic cruiser feel with a comfortable upright posture and mustache handlebar.
  • Easier bike to lift onto a rack for transportation; easier to maneuver the light 55 lb bike when riding.
  • Charges quicker so you can ride sooner, thanks to the 3-amp fast charger and 11Ah battery.
  • Impressive speed and hill climbing capability from a modest 350W motor and 36v battery.
  • Easy shifting with the Shimano RevoShift and 7-speed gearing.
  • Step-through frame makes it easy for anyone to hop on and off and enjoy riding this bike.
  • This bike only comes in one size, limiting its usability for taller riders.
  • With the angle of the handlebar sweep in mind, using the grip shifter and twist grip throttle over longer rides might wear out those with sensitize wrists. Not something to write the bike off for, but know it going into it.


  • Motor: Shengyi 350W, 36V rear hub motor
  • Battery: 36V, 11Ah (396Wh) Lithium-ion, built with LG 18650 cells
  • Torque: 50 Nm
  • Range: 17 – 34 EBR tested miles
  • Display: Digital display of PAS, speed, trip distance, odometer, battery level
  • PAS sensor: Cadence
  • Charger: Multi-voltage 110-240V, 3A fast charger with USA plug
  • Lights: none

Weight & Dimensions

  • Maximum rider weight: 300 lbs
  • Maximum cargo capacity: 55 lbs on the optional seat stay-mounted rear rack; 20 lbs on the optional headtube-mounted front rack
  • Bike Weight: 56.28/lbs with battery, 50.9 without
  • Battery weight: 5.3 lbs

Components & Accessories

  • Brakes: Jak mechanical disc, 180mm rotor, automatic motor cut-off
  • Fork: Rigid, 6061-T6 aluminum alloy
  • Tires: 27.5″ x 2.3″ cruiser tires, eBike rated, puncture resistant with safety reflective strip
  • Throttle: Twist throttle, left side
  • Handlebar: High-rise chrome plated steel, 690mm width, 25.4mm diameter
  • Grips: Black rubber, lock-on style
  • Shifters: Microshift 7 speed twist shifter with optical gear display
  • Gearing: 170mm crank arms, 42 teeth
  • Cassette: Shimano Tourney, 7 speed, 14-28 teeth freewheel
  • Derailleur: Microshift RD-M21S rear derailleur
  • Chain: KMC Z-Series, 3/32”
  • Spokes: Front – 36, 13 gauge spokes; Rear – 36, 12 gauge spokes, brass nipples
  • Saddle: Black, padded with memory foam
  • Seatpost: Zoom aluminum alloy, 30.4mm diameter, 400mm length, quick-release
  • Stem: 90mm extension, 25.4mm clamp, height adjustable
  • Pedals: Platform, non-slip surface, 9/16” with reflectors
  • Rack: Optional; front and rear
  • Additional kickstand, included, handlebar bell, included

Denago Cruiser 1 Review: Overview

Cruiser e-bikes represent a culture that identifies with a state of being that’s focused on a good time. It’s an e-bike based on a simple design, making it competitively priced, and it gives you that classic cruiser ride, as well as a good value for the price.

Cruising is meant to be fun and relaxed. The step-through frame makes for an easy on and off, especially for shorter riders. The rigid suspension, Shimano Revoshift and Tourney 7-speed, and the Jak mechanical disc brakes all combine to offer reliable components while keeping the price down.

Its classic styling, upright riding position, padded seat, mustache handlebar, ergo grips, and comfortable ride make up for its lack of fancier components. But this fits with the vibe of riding cruisers: this bike is the vessel that carries you through the various scenes of life, enabling you to be in the moment rather than the intricacies of the bike.

Metal fenders and chain guard are some added niceities that holds this bike true to its identity as a cruiser, while also keeping your clothes clean. Adorning its looks are a choice of three floral colors available: pink, teal and tan. The Denago Cruiser has the look and functionality people look for in cruiser e-bikes.

There’s a natural ride feel this bike gives, thanks to its low center of gravity and its weight distribution, including the frame-integrated battery. But the thing to remember when you’re riding this bike’s purpose is to… well… cruise! It’s not to race or be in a hurry. Most people will agree that life is not something they want to hurry up and experience. Cruising is like that – it’s about the journey, not the destination.

Denago Cruiser 1 Review 2023Denago Cruiser 1 Review 2023

Easy to ride: simple to operate, comfortable to ride, and at a price just about anyone can afford.

Denago Cruiser 1 fender fronDenago Cruiser 1 fender fron

Old school: classic styling with the rigid fork, cruiser tires, and peachy pink paint color.

Denago Cruiser 1 motorDenago Cruiser 1 motor

Take me home: Shengyi 350W, 36V motor and 7-speed give decent power at affordable price.

Denago Cruiser 1 Review: Speed Test

The Cruiser’s 55 lbs weight makes it lighter than others, and I felt that when pedaling without motor assist – it wasn’t taxing or tiring. Pedaling this bike around at 10-11 mph was pretty easy.

The first thing to know when using the Cruiser’s PAS is that it’s not meant to take off like a rocket. That’s good because it wouldn’t be living up to its fame as a cruiser if it burst ahead from the start. If you’re into slow cruising, then you will probably like using PAS 1 and 2, as they maintain relatively docile average speeds.

Clicking into PAS 3, the bike began to come to pick up the pace more noticeably. Immediate acceleration was also more prevalent, as this bike came closer to the high teens in speed. PAS 4 and 5 were ideal when riding on the street, and pedaling in traffic.

As a Class 2 e-bike, the Cruiser 1 has a throttle and pedal assist to help the bike reach a top speed of 20 mph. If you forget to downshift at a stop, make good use of the throttle to help get you going.

Denago Cruiser 1 Review 2023Denago Cruiser 1 Review 2023

Take Me Downtown and all around: the simple design and classic look fits in just about anywhere.

Denago Cruiser 1 batteryDenago Cruiser 1 battery

Psst, I’m Electric: Frame integrated battery nicely conceals this bike’s real power source. Key lock deters thieves from stalling your ride.

Denago Cruiser 1 brake rearDenago Cruiser 1 brake rear

Speaking of simple: we prefer hydraulic brakes because they stop better, but at least these brakes are easier to adjust and repair.

Denago Cruiser 1 Review: Range Test & Battery Performance

In the first range test, using the minimum PAS mode, PAS 3, this bike traveled 34.8 miles, in a time of 2:40, average speed of 13.3 mph, and a 734’ elevation gain. This result doesn’t look so good compared to the other cruisers we tested. But the other cruisers used PAS 1 or 2 on their minimum PAS hill test, not PAS 3.

We used PAS 3 because it consistently delivered enough speed to help us pedal around the course, and climb the hills. PAS 1 and 2 were only good for riding on a flat course, which doesn’t accurately represent real world riding conditions for most people. It largely seemed to only help get riders around seven and 10 miles per hour respectively most of the time, which is under what the Electric Bike Report team can reasonably pedal at a casual pace.

In the maximum PAS range test, using PAS 5, the result was 18.06 miles, ridden in 1:01 and climbing 226’ elevation gain. A not too shabby result for the smaller battery here. If you’re going fast, you will want to keep trips a bit shorter.

Denago Cruiser 1 Review: Hill Test

In the first hill test, we use the throttle only to find how much raw power the motor can dish out, without any assistance from the rider’s pedaling. Here the Cruiser wasn’t able to get to the top of our test hill without us having to put a foot down. Not the first time we’ve seen that on a 350W motor.

Riding in the maximum PAS pedaling test, and using the PAS 5 mode, this bike did noticeably better. The Cruiser 1 got us to the top of the hill in a time of 1:58, and an average speed of 8.7 mph. While it may not be a powerhouse, that little motor proved it had more gusto than meets the eye.

For a bike that could slot in as the picture to the dictionary definition of beach cruiser, the so-so hill climbing is okay here. If you’re plan is to bomb around the boardwalk, or just take in the sunsets on your neighborhood, you’ll be able to hit the smaller and medium sized hills of the world with ease. It has just enough to help with your average hill, with a 7-speed drivetrain to help you pick how to approach it.

Denago Cruiser 1 Review 2023Denago Cruiser 1 Review 2023

Turn, turn, turn: You might turn some heads when riding the Cruiser 1, but please remember to keep your eyes on the road ahead.

Denago Cruiser 1 throttleDenago Cruiser 1 throttle

Helping hand: The left grip throttle is a nice change, while the rubber ergonomic grip helps your hands keep control.

Denago Cruiser 1 right handlebarDenago Cruiser 1 right handlebar

Gearing up: grip shifter simplifies gear changing, adds nice balance to the lefthand throttle.

Denago Cruiser 1 Review: Safety and Brake Test

Our brake test yielded just an Okay result. It’s one area we feel Denago could make some changes.

The average stopping distance for the Cruiser 1’s brake test was 27 feet 11 inches, which was about five feet longer than the average for cruiser e-bikes. Why the big difference? Well, the other cruisers use hydraulic disc brakes, whereas the Cruiser 1 uses mechanical disc brakes. The former are known for stopping more quickly, while the latter are easier to service and replace.

On the one hand, we see people going slower on this bike in general so the stopping distance shouldn’t be a problem. On the other, it’s noticeably longer than most, so we’d love to see something offered (standard or upgradable) for a bit better braking.

Denago Cruiser 1 Review: Ride Quality

Cruiser e-bikes offer a unique riding experience that helps connect the rider to the scene they’re in. Handling heavier cruiser e-bikes can lessen the fun of a ride because it shifts your focus from enjoying the ride to manipulating the bike. But the Denago Cruiser 1’s light frame simplifies your ride. Not only does the lighter weight make riding easier for smaller riders, but it also helps the bike conserve battery power by not forcing the motor to lug around a heavier bike

The look and feel of the high-rise, backswept “mustache handlebar really makes this bike a cruiser. For one, it forces you to sit upright and in a relaxed position. The handlebar’s unique design plants the grips close to you, so it feels natural to simply rest your hands on the grips and control the bike.

The 27.5″ x 2.3″ cruiser tires grip well, and look nice.

The Cruiser’s seat/saddle had decent padding for riding comfort, and the quick release made it easy to adjust the seat post height. But the reach on this bike is more limited. The stem is not adjustable, meaning big and tall riders like me (I am 6’0”) might feel like they’re a smidge too big for this bike.

Denago Cruiser 1 cockpitDenago Cruiser 1 cockpit

Cruiser cockpit: comfortable steering with the extra wide handlebar and mustache design.

Denago Cruiser 1 displayDenago Cruiser 1 display

Keeping it basic: 3-button, mono-color display for simple PAS control and system settings.

Denago Cruiser 1 saddleDenago Cruiser 1 saddle

Have a seat: basic padded saddle with memory foam actually made for a comfortable ride.

Denago Cruiser 1 pedalDenago Cruiser 1 pedal

Sandal friendly: Non-slip platform pedal welcomes all feet, and has reflectors for night ride safety.

Denago Cruiser 1 Review: Summary / Where to Buy

The big picture on Denago’s Cruiser 1 uncovers an e-bike that aims to deliver on what a cruiser should be, while avoiding any sticker shock in the process. By carefully choosing what’s put on this bike, Denago managed to keep the weight below average, making the ride quality above average. Keeping the components simple also made this bike more affordable than what you’d usually see an electric cruiser priced around a thousand bucks, while still featuring some nice options on an entry level bike.

The look and feel of this bike holds true to the standards that many riders have come to expect from a beach cruiser. Whether it’s the mustache handlebar, frame ergonomics, or the overall appearance of this bike, you’re getting a bonafide cruiser at an affordable price.

Denago can ship your new Cruiser 1 directly to your house. To learn more about pricing, please click the description above.

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