Magnum Pilot Review, 2023 | Electric Bike

There was a lot to appreciate with the ride quality on this bike. Suspension features include the Suntour forks did a great job absorbing bumps and smoothing my rides. The coil spring forks are hydraulic and feature a wheel travel of 120mm. The Promax suspension seat post is also a great feature for riding comfort. Providing 30mm of travel when hitting bumps, I really liked the way they compressed and rebounded when riding across intersections riddled with dips and potholes.

We were impressed to see this sub-$3000 bike feature a lot of components that are a step up from entry level. One example is the greater gear variety with the microShift AdventX 10-speed. Using a 11-46T cassette and 48T chainring, they help you get the most out of your pedaling. You get a good top gear for reducing incidences of ghost pedaling, and a good bottom gear for difficult uphill pedaling.

Giving you an upright riding posture, this bike comes in one size – medium-large – and in three eye-catching color schemes to choose from, including blue base with white trim, red base with black trim, and black with white trim.

To help you find the reach that works best for you, you can adjust the handlebar reach with the adjustable stem. The adjustment can be quick and requires no tools. But we recommend you be careful and make sure it’s tightened properly.

Due to my size and riding style, I needed to adjust the stem for better steering and handling. When I rode this bike with the handlebar extended forward, I found the steering to be heavy and uncomfortable. That’s because this setup put more of my weight on the front end. The Wanda Compass tires have great street tread for optimal control, but they are meant for cruiser bikes where the rider is sitting up straight, not leaning over. After I adjusted the stem vertically, and gave myself a completely upright riding position, the bike handled a lot better and in a way that made me comfortable and confident.

And one more component worth noting is the clutch on the microShift AdventX derailleur, which helps prevent chain slap when riding over speed bumps, potholes and curb steps. Normally, you don’t see these on commuter e-bikes. But their inclusion on this bike is one example of how this bike gives you some room for customizing, in case you want to pop on some knobby tires and hit the dirt.

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