Electric Bike Company Model R Review

Before we get to the nitty gritty in this Electric Bike Company Model R review, take a closer look at the picture above. You probably will notice our branding on this bike. No, that isn’t an aftermarket sticker we slapped on, and we didn’t seek out a local detailer to help us get it there. That is one of the highlights of purchasing an Electric Bike Company bike: you can tailor this thing to yourself. In our case (and for other businesses), that means including our logo, while anybody can pick out a color scheme to compliment their personal style; frame colors, fork colors, basket colors, grips, wheels, tires, drivetrain and more are all options you can pick out when assembling your Electric Bike Company e-bike. That’s only scratching the surface of the available customization. There’s plenty of ride quality elements and performance highlights here too.

The Model R comes with a 750W motor that’s a workhorse. It helps support and move the bike and its 420 lbs rated weight limit. It’s powerful in the sense that it’ll reliably get you up to the 20 mph class 2 speeds (or beyond if you change to class 3), and get you to the top of most any hill in a controlled manner. Not only that, it’ll get you where you’re going in great comfort riding atop the brand’s famously thick and plush saddles, and letting the 80mm front fork absorb rougher roads for you.

The Model R is part of a larger family of cruiser e-bikes made by the Electric Bike Company. This model gets its “R” for being known as the rugged model among the other Electric Bike Company (EBC) models. It’s one of the larger frames EBC makes and it has a commanding presence on the standard 26″ X 3″ EBC-custom Rhinoceros tires, but it’s still easy for a lot of riders to hop on thanks to the step-through frame. In other words, it’ll appeal to larger riders, or smaller riders who want a larger ride they can still control and manage.

The ride and look are great, but EBC also has a few unique elements as a company that set it apart.

Buying an Electric Bike Company bike means you get a bike that’s largely made in America. Frames are made and shipped from overseas, and plenty of the componentry hails from various countries too, but the bike assembly itself and all the minutiae that it encompasses will pass through the hands of the California-based company’s employees. Battery packs, wiring, brake cables, etc. all go through their team’s assembly, installation, and inspection. That results in them feeling confident in extending one of the (maybe THE best) warranties in the industry. You get ten years on the motor, ten on the frame, five on the battery. That level of stateside involvement and backing is both rare and pretty cool.

On top of all that, this bike is shipped fully assembled. A few bits need straightening and tightening, but you’re ride-ready within five minutes of unboxing, since it received a builders stamp of approval before shipping out. No tuning should be needed.

There’s a lot that EBC and the Model R do differently. With plenty more worth unpacking, let’s dive deeper into our Electric Bike Company Model R review.

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