Murf Higgs Step-Thru Review, 2023

To answer the question, “How fast can this e-bike go at each pedal assist (PAS) level”, we perform a speed test in real world riding conditions. The graphic above shows the results of our Speed Test. Weighing 65 lbs and riding on fat tires, the Higgs wasn’t easy to pedal without motor assistance, giving us an average speed of 8.1 mph. Clicking onto PAS 1 yielded a slight improvement, upping our speed to 9.0 mph. Some riders can be satisfied with that speed, like if you’re carrying a surfboard on a crowded street or path.

This bike came to life when switching to PAS 2, netting me an average speed of 12.5 mph, which is about the average speed I find at most bike paths. Many e-bike riders, like myself, appreciate riding a bike that has balanced speed averages between all the PAS levels. The 3.5 mph average gap between PAS 1 and PAS 2 was a little more than I like to see.

Riding in PAS 3, the Higgs Step-Thru averaged 17.3 mph, which was another significant jump from PAS 2’s average speed. Fortunately, the speed averages were more balanced when switching from PAS 3 to PAS 4 and 5. Running on a 500-watt motor, this bike has more than enough power to distribute at each PAS level.

The Higgs averaged 20.1 mph in PAS 4, which was noticeably less extreme than the speed bursts I encountered when switching into the previous two PAS levels. Maxing my speed in PAS 5, the Higgs jumped back to life again, giving me an average speed of 21.5 mph.

Running on just one rear wheel gear, a 22-tooth Shimano cog, the Higgs began ghost pedaling in PAS 3 for us. Ghost pedaling is when your pedaling no longer adds noticeable power to the bike’s rear wheel, and it’s not usually our favorite-feeling sensation. Some dig the effortless feel though, so to each their own.

Pedaling was easy with the 48-tooth chainring, but maybe switching to a 52-tooth chainring can help improve the ghost pedaling without making pedaling too difficult. There’s also adequate space on the rear axle shaft to install a multi-gear cassette if Murf wanted to add a 7-speed cassette in the future.

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