Ride1UP 700 Series ST Review, 2023

Of the many pieces of advice consumers regularly hear, “You get what you pay for,” is common enough to be a cliche. The thing is, it’s not always true, which is why shopping for any major purchase can become a hobby. Ride1UP’s e-bikes have served as consistent examples of e-bikes that deliver more per dollar than most. When we look at e-bikes that are comparable to Ride1UP’s models in terms of spec and features, what we generally find is that the Ride1UP model saves buyers $100-$200. In our Ride1UP 700 ST review we will showcase what makes this e-bike such a terrific value.

Riders looking for a commuter that can keep up with the flow of traffic will find the Ride1UP 700 ST to be a satisfying experience; it didn’t have any trouble reaching a cruising speed that would allow a rider to keep up with the flow of traffic from light to light. This step thru variant makes popping forward at stops all the easier too.

A 750W brushless, geared Bafang hub motor provides the muscle necessary to reach 28 mph on pedal assist, which is no small feat (and uncommon for me, speaking as a 230 lbs rider). Powering it is a 720Wh battery that provides plenty of range but is also light enough that this e-bike weighs less than 70 lbs.

The Ride1UP 700 ST is a ready-to-go commuter, coming equipped with front and rear lights, alloy fenders and a rear rack. Just add saddle bag.

Hitting value-oriented price points usually comes with a trade or two. It may come in the form of getting a more powerful motor but not receiving a rack or fenders. With Ride1UP, we can usually determine where they made their trades to hit the price point, but the sacrifices tend to be minor and feel like no real loss. The 700 ST only really lacks sizing options, and the assembly isn’t harder than most, but includes a few more steps than the average.

The overall spec on the Ride1UP 700 ST delivers a reliable ride again and again thanks to features like an 8-speed Shimano Acera drivetrain and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. We also like that Ride1UP chose 27.5-in. wheels which roll faster and handle better at speed than smaller wheels.

It’s a great ride on it’s own, but feels better when considering its price tag. For all the Ride1UP 700 ST has going for it, read the full review below.

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